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TT Consultants works with over 600 clients, in 35 countries, across Telecom, Pharma, Biotech (life sciences), Mechanical , Electronics.

Here are some of our client's feedback.

“ We would like to thank you and your team for all the hard work! We appreciate your responsiveness and clear communication. We joke around at our firm that these guys must never sleep because we have received a response from you within a few hours at all times of the day regardless of which time zone you are in. Your team does an excellent job at organizing results and we like having the phone discussions with them to discuss the searches. We look forward to continue working with you and your team on many projects in coming year! “

Irvine Based Top Law Firm

“ We confirm receipt of the report. Very thorough. Spot on to what I was looking for. The PowerPoint analysis is likely sufficient for our purposes. “

Partner, Chicago Based Top Law Firm

“ TT Consultants has always been spot on in finding prior art for our litigation cases. One of the thing I noticed about this firm is they are very responsive and have some excellent solutions to identify killing prior art results. We have been using their services from last one year and would highly recommend them to my other clients as well as colleagues. “

Partner, Washington DC based Law Firm

“ Thank you for your search results. This time, although we didn’t obtain a valid invalidation material but we feel your search was exhaustive and you covered all aspects. We are very happy with the quality of your reports and service. “

Fortune 500 Japanese Company

“ I am can thrilled to provide my personal and highest recommendation for the services provided by the TTC Team. TTC is quick, efficient, and cost effective. Most importantly, TTC provides customer service that is second-to-none (i.e. they don’t stop until you are happy with the search results at the original quoted price). ”

Denise W. DeFranco

Partner - Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner

“ Your services have been fantastic!  As a solo inventor with limited resources,  I could not have fulfilled my dream of getting worldwide IP protection without TTC’s assistance.   Thank you for guiding me through the process every step of the way. ”

Michael Kildevaeld

Individual Inventor

“ Thank you once again for a detailed and useful search report. We confirm that we are very happy with the level of service that your firm provides us, and we will continue to utilize your services for our client’s needs. ”

Australia Based Law Firm, NSW

“ After discussion of your report and analysis with part of our management team, I wanted to thank you and your team again for a really great job in collecting and organizing the formation. We are very impressed that your study resulted in very similar conclusions to what we have come to internally after months of market research. Your report will be a valuable guide for us in determining our next steps. ”

Magnetic Motor Manufacturing Company

“ I’m please to advise that the report exceeds my expectations and I will recommend TT Consultants to my peers. Although, I do plan on using other searchers for simple mechanical inventions, I will use TT Consultants in the future for difficult tasks, such as the one you handled recently ”


St. Louis Based Law firm

“ My experience has been that TT has always taken the time to understand the scope of the job and ask questions where needed. I feel confident that my data is secure, and the job will be done in a timely manner and with good quality. I would ask your firm to help, when needed for prior art searching, for example. ”

Partner, San Francisco Based Law Firm

“ I can certainly say that I’m a totally satisfied client of TT Consultants and that I have recommended the firm to a number of other patent attorneys. Your research work is thorough, timely and price-worthy. ”

Partner, New York Based Law Firm

“ TT Consultants consistently delivers excellent search results within the promised timeframe. The detailed search queries included with your reports are a great help to understanding the results. They are among my first choices for searching. ”

Partner, Leading Irvine Based Law Firm

“ I have now carefully reviewed your report and can provide you some more detailed comments and impressions. First of all, I have to say that the overall results clearly exceeded my expectations when taking into account the amount of starting material provided from our end and the number of hours put into this search at your end.Regarding the findings, you were able to find two useful documents, that were not identified by our other external associates. Regarding the reporting form, I found the claim chart approach very clear and useful.  Reviewing the claim charts confirmed to me that you were able to interpret the claim features and the prior art documents correctly including the chemical terms used therein.Such claim charts would be further directly usable by our patent attorneys for drafting nullification requests or corresponding documents. Or to discuss the claims directly with the patent owner.Therefore, this format clearly reduces the amount of total time required to handle a competitor patent situation. ”

Sweden Based Company 

“ First of all, this is an outstanding draft.  I am very pleasantly surprised.  This is the first time I've used a consultant for drafting support, and I believe that this is going to be a very workable relationship to provide better and timelier patents for my clients. ”

Minnesota Based Attorney

“ After discussing internally we have decided not to pursue the additional search.  We believe the results you have provided so far are adequate and we are comfortable moving with them going forward.  Thank you for all your help.  I look forward to working with you again in the future. ”

Palo Alto Based Attorney

“ Joint Defense Group case We were very pleased with the quality…your team found highly relevant, very close art and that’s what we want to know about so that we can draft the best claims possible for our clients. ”

Indianapolis Based Attorney 

“ We have received your final report with many thanks. We found it to be valuable in anticipating or making the patent in issue obvious. Again, we appreciate your teamwork and dedication. ”

S. Korean Based Company

“ We were quite happy with the results in the recent patent invalidation search case.  The top 6 references you had identified were all included in our initial invalidity contentions, which were due by end of last month. ”

Joint Defense Group case 

Chicago Based Attorney

“ We reviewed the results and shared them with our other counsel.  These results are excellent!   Your team knocked it out of the park!Based on these results, I don’t think we will require further searching. Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work! ”

Chicago Based Attorney 

“I was very happy with TT’s search results and service.  They were always available when I needed them.  What is also great about TT is that, rather than give dozens of prior art references, they narrowed down the scope of the prior art and selected only the best results with me.  That helped me tremendously in allowing evaluating my invalidity case but also saved my time so that I would not have to evaluate a large number of prior art references.  The fact that they also did the prior art charting for me was also very helpful.  I highly recommend TT. ”

Joint Defense Group Case Attorney 

Los Angeles Based Law Firm 

“ We have been actively involved on various IP related projects with TT Consultants, and we have been satisfied with their high level of professionalism, approach to work and would highly recommend their prior art search services. We are satisfied with the results and would highly recommend them for prior art searches. ”  

Columbia Based Law Firm

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