Are employer review platforms the ultimate parameter to judge a company?

Are employer review platforms the ultimate parameter to judge a company?

Gone are the days when job hunting was an easy task, where all we were required to do was to look for one suitable prospect, interview for it and get an offer. One may counter it by stating that the number of jobs in the current times have increased but let us admit, so has the effort needed to get one. Every individual who is connected to the wide space of Internet would never buy a product or a service, chose a place to dine in or travel, let alone decide on a company for a job opportunity without going through a number of employee reviews. For this sole reason a major chunk of workforce today swear by these reviews and decide on their future based on them. How tempting is the idea of these review systems/forums where one can get both the dirt and glitz of the business from people with first- hand experiences.

Going by these reviews to some extent is understandable, as a potential employer would never come out in the open with the shortcomings they face, or a benefit that they do not provide or highlight on a business area that has been thriving hard to survive. However deciding on an organization merely based on them is no great decision either. Seeing the reach of these reviews and the impact they have on potential candidates, companies now maintain their accounts with paid reviews camouflaging the real picture. Many a times these forums also become a platform for disgruntled employees to vent out their frustration or displeasure with the organization. These feedbacks being anonymous, somewhere provide them the strength to voice their discontent which otherwise would have been avoided. But in the larger picture these negative reviews defame the institution and become the basis of rejection for many other suitable candidates.

It is important to keep in mind that the reviews are mere opinions of people. They may differ across board,from one individual to the other. Every individual has a different expectation from the place they work, the people they work with and the people they work for. For some individuals the culture & the work environment matters more while for some this would not be an area of concern. There is no absolute parameter to assess these reviews and mark them as authentic.

Hence,while looking for a potential workplace one must weigh multiple aspects of the organization and not blindly go by these reviews. An ideal place to work should be the one that meets your career expectations, helps you work towards a clear, shared vision,assists you to grow while growing itself. On the other hand competitive compensation & benefits along with opportunities for advancement and transparent leadership are the keyofferings in attracting and retaining talent. Keeping in mind the following points while making a decision will help you in making an informed decision:

  • Talk to current and ex employees
  • Talk to the HR Department of your future employers
  • Actively follow the employer on social media,read through their official blogs,keep yourself updated with the work they do,events or conferences that they host or participate in

Productive research in the right direction will always bear better results,after all one would not want to regret their decision later.