Different types of Trademark and Patent Registrations

Patent registration is required to obtain legal right for an invention while Trademark registration enhances protection to distinguish your goods and services.

Patent registration and Trademark registration process

The owner of a registered trademark may also commence legal dealings or file a case to prevent unauthorized use of that trademark. Large number of people are still unaware of the numerous benefits of owning a trademark registration which is now becoming familiar with  customer satisfaction in India. The trademark is registered to create the goodwill, popularize, brand name, business name and logo as to discriminate and put aside the mark from competitors and fraudulent.

The patent registration process system in India is governed by the Patents Act, 1970 and is effective since April 1972. The patent registration has been established to administer different provisions of the law relating to grants patent and patent filing and registration of trademark as well as industrial designs.

The Patent registration & Trademark Registration can be filed either alone , jointly with a partner or by officially permitted representative of an inventor. To register a patent in India number of documents are required for further processing. The Patent or Trademark registration process is a very complicated so it can not be done without the help of highly accomplished Intellectual property consulting, who would be able to guide  the entire complex process of patent or trademark registration in India.

Note that Trademark is divided into around 42 different classes in India for registration, which comprises of chemical substances used in industry, paints or lubricants, machine and machine tools, household, furniture, medical and surgical instruments,  textiles, games, beverages ingrdients, stationary, lather, building material, sanitary material as well as hand tool and other scientific and educational products. These classes again are again further sub-divided. Hence it is important to go for the one appropriate for you with the help of Trademark consultants in India.

Likewise, Patent application is also done in various types such as -







Again choosing the right one is must. It thus calls for Intellectual property consulting. They can guide through the whole process without any difficulty.

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