Managing the Innernet

Managing the Innernet

The mind can serve as an obedient servant if it is carefully steered and also as a reckless master if it is not channelized by an active will. With Psychology and Neuroscience demystifying many aspects of mind, its no longer an abstract phenomenon. Spirituality is also a science. It has an explanation for every phenomenon that the eyes cannot see and that the physical science cannot postulate. The physical science deduces laws based on physical observations and experimentation in the physical form. On the other hand, spiritual science is based on a higher paradigm which is called “belief”. Its comprehension works in a backward fashion, which means first you need to belief and then you experience. And after you experience, you need no more proofs to substantiate its existence.

To control the mind one does not need a physical harness but something that streamlines the thought process intrinsically. Meditation and Yoga are the art of connecting to our inner self and realizing our true worth. Stress is a common disease in the corporate world and everybody is infected by it with varying degrees. Thus, if we learn to manage our stress, we can increase our efficiency manifolds. Every task we perform in a day consumes energy and we do not have an infinite reservoir of energy. Stress and anxiety take away a major chunk of our mental energy which could have been used for better purpose. The ability to focus increases when the mind is relaxed and joyful.

TTC invited Mr. Santosh Sharma, who is a prolific life skill trainer with over twelve years of experience, training corporate professionals and students on leadership, stress management, yoga and meditation. He interactively elaborated on the mind and attitude management that would aid in gaining success in every field we aim to conquer.

He also introduced the concept of “Desktop Yoga”. It comprises a set of exercises for the relaxation of mind and body. A few minutes of the touch therapy over eyes, ears, head and cheeks activates neural connections and provide soothing results. Long hours of concentration on the screen can really take a toll on the eyes. He also taught some exercises to relax the muscles of the eyes. The session concluded with some fun breathing exercises and meditation for a complete mind-body rejuvenation.

An hour of such an insightful session really inspired the employees to set new goals for their overall well-being. This episode definitely reflects TTC’s genuine urge for overall employee development and life skill management.