Streamlining Prosecution Phase to Obtain a Competitive Edge – Managing Your Portfolio Smartly

Globalization has broken all barriers of dominance and has increased competition to such an extent that even fortune companies feel threatened by start-ups and mid-sized companies. Just a few years ago Facebook was an idea in the mind of a student at Harvard, but within a few years it has grown into a multi-billion dollar organization. With disruption in conventional ways of working by the development of newer verticals such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, etc., it has become very easy for small/mid-sized organizations to catch up with big players and deliver high quality at competitive prices.

In such a scenario it is very important that organizations stream line certain processes which command a high budget. One such area where TT Consultants can assist organizations, across the globe, in streamlining their processes & reducing costs is patent prosecution – focusing on replying to Office Actions & drafting patent applications for US and European jurisdictions. In-house counsels do not come cheap and hiring outside counsels is even more expensive, therefore it is important that the skill set of such resources are put to task by which the revenue of an organization can multiply by many folds. It is imperative that organizations, small OR big, recognize the disruption which is happening across the globe so that they are geared up for the future.

For an organization it is very important that it builds upon its patent portfolio, as a strong portfolio guarantees dominance in a particular technology vertical. But more importantly, it is even more essential for an organization to monetize their IP assets to their maximum potential. If we take the example of Apple, globally its sales might not top the list but a major reason of it being in the top 10 list of the most wealthiest companies in the world is its strong & high revenue generating IP portfolio. Organizations, across the globe, which have recognized this are slowly streamlining processes to save on extra expenditure and are strategizing on optimum usage of highly skilled resources and thus investing more skilled & expensive resources on commercialization appears to be next big business idea. This is where TT Consultants comes into the picture wherein we can help organizations in saving cost & time, of highly skilled resources, by assisting them in areas such as office action replies.

TT Consultants has pioneered the art of drafting Office Action responses & patent applications. We have a team of 30 individuals which are a mix of US & Indian Attorney’s, US & Indian Patent Agents, and Para legal staff. Our team, in India, is regularly trained on the laws and legal aspects associated with the drafting process by our In-house Attorneys and business associates located in USA. By working on such a model, with TT Consultants, organizations can reduce their prosecution costs by a considerable margin. We engage by ways in which our drafters work in tandem with In-house OR Outside counsels of an organization. Majority of the work is done at our end and only a final review is required by the In-house OR Outside counsel. In such a scenario, the time invested by the In-house OR Outside counsel is reduced considerably and because of which the cost associated comes down by multiple folds with the same level of quality.

Below is a diagrammatical explanation of our value proposition –



In such a scenario the time, of highly skilled resources, and money saved can be utilized in areas & ways to generate wealth for the organization. Just an example, we have a client engaged with us in replying to office actions and the money they save by working with us is invested into their licensing department. Such an eco-system guarantees long term sustainability & growth in today’s competitive world.

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