Why Prefer Outsourcing Professional Prior Art Search?

A good professional search will be far more thorough than any search an untrained individual will be able to conduct.

Key points of a prior art search by TT CONSULTANTS experienced professionals:

•    Keywords search

Identification of analogous terms with respect to your proposed invention is mandatory. Technical jargon has its own importance while conducting keywords search.

•    Classification codes search

Identify pertinent patent classification codes related to your invention. Presently, commercial patent search databases have access to utilize IPC-R (IPC revised) version and US classification maintained by WIPO. This facility allows conducting a dynamic search by collating advanced level; subclass level; core level and/or invention level searches.

•    Hybrid search (classification codes+ keywords)

Most of the time, the hybrid search will pitch less number of published patent documents when compared with the other two steps. However, to get additional hits you can amend the keywords that have been identified in the first step.

•    Worldwide databases search

This type of search is done on expensive paid databases like Thomson Innovation, MPI-Inpadoc, which provide access to patent data of almost 100 active countries in patent filing enhancing the  chances of getting pertinent results of your invention.

•    NPL (Non Patent Literature) search

While patent searching is a big part of prior art, it is not everything. Searching non-patent literature such as any magazine, newspaper, or trade paper article written about inventions like yours.Keywords based search is done on Google, Google Scholars and Google Books.

•    Inventor/Assignee based search

This type of search generally get you the patents which have either the same assignee making the search even thorough.

•    Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese native patent search

An overall search is not complete until and unless patent search is performed by native searchers and TT Consultants does that. We at TT Consultants provide a one stop platform for multi lingual and multi geography patent search at very competitive prices.