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Business Research

We use the perfect blend of primary and secondary market research, analytical and consulting approach to help companies achieve their strategic objectives and goals. We have experts equipped with the experienced set of research and analysis skills to support your decision-making process. Our market research services focuses on thorough analysis of data and research-based insights. We help our clients in facing their key strategic challenges such as:

How can we expand into new and growing markets? E.g. Asian

Clients frequently face the challenges about new and unfamiliar areas including emerging trends, new competitors, etc. We understand that companies entering emerging markets face difficult challenges: outdated information, low availability of data, lack of region reports, low Internet penetration and cultural differences.

Understanding the trends of emerging markets requires surpassing cultural differences, limited data availability, challenge of understanding diverse languages etc. We have completed hundreds of projects in the world’s emerging markets with the help of our offices in Taiwan and India and are ready to handle yours.

We pride ourselves on being able to design and execute research solutions for any business problem in APAC region.

We want to launch a new product; can you help us understanding the competitive market and the consumer’s needs?

Product Launch, Development & Improvement

Brand Launch, Tracking & Positioning

  1. Identifying the region (Growing Vs. already Developed market) using various Industry and country reports

  2. Already existing competitors

  3. Rank and positioning them

  4. Proxy competitors (If an innovative product)

  5. Probable costing

  6. Social Media Comments

  7. Target Audience

The industry reports often don’t help clients in their problem statement. This is where we pitch in our services to work on the key challenges and gathering information from different sources to help our clients to quickly get the data they need to move forward.

In these scenarios, TTc helps answer questions such as:

  • We have just launched their product. How are customers reacting to our marketing pitch?

  • My competitor has also launched a new product. What does it really do and what is the market opportunity?

  • Any feedbacks that consumer has put about our product on social media platform?

Whether you have one-time requests or an ongoing need for answers, we can establish the support mechanism you need to effectively deal with these issues and better focus on your mission critical activities.

We want to study the positioning of my brand / product; and also the consumer feedback. Can you help?

Brand Monitoring

  1. Competitor Analysis

  2. Social media analysis and Brand perception

  3. Survey/ Primary research

  4. Improvements suggested (If any)

  5. These kinds of studies results with our subjective inputs about shortcomings

The way customers choose and rate products and services is changing day by day at a very fast pace. Old methodologies no longer are applicable in analyzing the consumer’s behavior. We have experience helping our clients in understanding their B2B and B2C sales across a wide range of industries and challenges. We deliver deep insights from hundreds of primary, social media analysis and secondary research projects specifically related to customers, brands, advertising and marketing.

We mix data analysis with our key hypotheses to convert your customer feedbacks into meaningful and insightful behaviors. We understand customer behavior at all stages of the purchase process, and identify the critical points for your brand. We deliver insights that forms basis of marketing and sales strategy.

Can you do a thorough research on the competitors and their strategies?

Competitor’s Market Study

  1. Target Customers and Market Size (Total marketPotential Market)

  2. Market Trends

  3. Competitor Identification/ Comparison

  4. Competitor’s positioning (Financials)

  5. Competitor’s ranking

  6. Key Competitors Vs. New Entrants

Our structured approach to study your competitors makes sure that our clients have full clarity on the insights.

We do a thorough research on your competitors to improve your strategic and tactical planning. We capture data that is internal and external to your competitor’s organization to deliver insightful reports. Our services include competitive monitoring, assessments of market potential, industry reports. We also clearly position your competitors covering their financials and all other details that you require that helps in positioning you as a better player in the market.

We are thinking of a JV/ Acquisition with a company. Can you do a due diligence check on it?

Company Profiling

  1. Company Overview

    • History

    • Hierarchy and Locations

    • Work stream and Services

  2. Clients and relationships

  3. Financials

  4. News

  5. SWOT analysis/ Analyst Review

Our clients are continuously looking for ways to grow, whether by entering new geographies or by mergers / acquisitions or other potential players. We help clients in doing a strict due diligence for the companies that they have shortlisted.

We help you in choosing the best option by doing a detailed detailed analysis. We cover all the news and analyst reports for crystal clear insights.

We have outsourced some of our work to a vendor; can you help us managing the cost?

Vendor Management

  1. Invoice Management

  2. SOW Management

  3. Trend Analysis

  4. Insights

Some of our clients have outsourced their major work to different vendors and it has become very time consuming process to manage them. We have helped our clients in managing the vendor and hence reducing the effort to manage the cost and other processes.

We provide the following services:

  • An automated model to verify the invoice

  • We design the SOW in a way that is profitable to our clients

  • We also generate insights from various trends seen in the historical data