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Technology Landscape Analysis and Research

Technology Landscape Analysis
Graphical Representation

Advantages of Landscape Analysis Research

  • Company Portfolio Analysis
  • For Assessing the State of Research in a Technology Area Prior to Investing in R&D
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Technology Trends and Roadmaps
  • Whitespace Analysis
  • Commercial Viability
  • Collaboration Intelligence (inventors, institutions, law firms)
  • Prosecution Tracking
  • Intelligence Dashboards
  • Problem & Solution analysis
  • Citation study


Research Methodology

Research Methodologies
Graphical Analysis of Patents


  • Taxonomy Details
  • Filing Trend
  • Assignee Analysis
  • Market & Competitor’s location
  • Inventor Analysis
  • Patent Grant/ Applications Analysis
  • White Space Analysis
  • Analysis for each graph, Summary & Conclusion and many more
Our Landscape Reports include:

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