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Office Action Response

Our teams work under the supervision of attorneys and agents trained in respective jurisdictions.

Our Expertise

Accurate Technical Analysis

Our Engineers are capable of providing technical analysis and response strategy which is accurate enough to be largely presented to the Patent Office in order to address the objections.

Claim Scope Negotiation

We seek information on the client’s “Targeted Protection” from the client and direct claim amendments to get claims in accordance with the Business Strategies..

In-house Attorney Review

We have a pool of Patent Attorneys on board to review the applications and responses prepared by our Engineers to ensure high level of quality.

Quick Turn-around

We focus on quick turn-around to ensure enough time with the client to review the material provided by us before timely filing with the Patent Office.

Flexible Business Solutions

We propose multiple cost-effective business models which are further flexible according to client’s business requirements and cost budget.


We never overcommit
We never compromise on quality
Accessible 24*7