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2021-05-25 09:08:09

Role of Tools & Technologies in Patent Grants

Whether you’re an inventor or an examiner at the patent office, having a little help[....]

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2021-05-18 10:20:12

3GPP Release 16 & 17 Insights

THE 5G EVOLUTION Various groups of telecommunication associations, which are also known as Organizational Partners,[....]

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2021-05-05 09:06:33

Power Windows Clean Technology

Power Windows Clean Technology Clean technology refers to avoiding environmental degradation at the source using[....]

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2021-04-23 05:54:37

Combating litigations with a counter-strategy: scouting or mining patents within a portfolio

What is the solution that comes to your mind about a classic old litigation case[....]

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2021-04-08 08:26:48

Electric Vehicle Market Report

Electric Vehicle Market: Current & Future Scenario Report The Electric Vehicle market size is bound[....]

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2021-02-10 12:46:05


Generally, the Infringement searches start with understanding the claims of a subject patent for which[....]

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