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2014-06-16 16:35:39

Copycat? Hershey’s says marijuana edibles violate trademark

Reese's cup or Reefer's cup? Almond Joy or Ganja Joy? Hershey's has filed two trademark[....]

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2014-06-06 07:52:38

Patentability Searches: The What, When and How of them

Patentability search/investigations showcase the solicitous, calculated planning that happens at the beginning of every intellectual[....]

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2014-05-31 12:25:09

Landscape Analysis for Patents

Technology is a progressive area, the graph will always move up and new technologies will[....]

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2014-05-30 11:21:37

TT Consultants at Destination IT@ North

TT Consultants, an IP Firm with an international presence, attended STPI's event Destination IT@North, 2013. XLPAT[....]

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2014-05-21 07:50:34


Punjab University celebrated the World IP Day on 26th April where Mr Jitin Talwar from[....]

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2014-05-16 13:18:55

The year in patent litigation: More Trolling, More Texas

More than 6,000 cases filed, many of them by just a few parties. Arstechnica reports: A new[....]

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