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2021-07-27 07:20:45

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Report: Artificial IntelligenceIn the past few years, AI has evolved into a powerful tool that[....]

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2021-07-23 11:49:32

5G Will Change the Way You Shop

At present, the retail industry is witnessing a staggering rate of store closures. 9,000+ physical[....]

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2021-07-16 11:13:17

Airtags Report

Report: AirtagsAirtags are similar to any other beacon tags. What makes them so special? Two[....]

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2021-07-14 11:14:56

5g in retail Industry

Report: 5g in Retail Industry5G has changed the way brands and consumers interact. A retailer[....]

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2021-07-13 10:51:37

Digitization in Oil and Gas

Report: Digitization in Oil and GasEvery Industry in present time is in the mid of[....]

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