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2019-03-27 08:23:24

Robotic process automation – Need for Greed

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology of present as well as the future which[....]

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2019-03-25 13:12:08

5G Is Finally Coming!!

What is 5G? Despite the fact that 5G isn't relied upon to achieve the British[....]

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2019-03-25 13:04:16

Reverse Engineering of ICs

In the realm of innovation and its privileged insights, reverse engineering is utilized as an[....]

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2019-03-14 12:22:34

Digital Twin: More than a schematic, More than a blueprint, Not just a picture

During a space program in 1960, NASA used the basic twinning idea by creating a[....]

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2019-03-14 10:03:57

Connected Car Technology

Technology has progressed a lot in every sector over the last many decades. In some[....]

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2019-03-12 12:17:41

Data Insights To Data Breach

With the dawn of our childhood, we all have been fan of Hide & Seek,[....]

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