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2019-03-08 11:23:31

Your idea could be Google’s next product?

Most IP professionals/inventors are routinely using Google Patents for searching patents and ideas that are[....]

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2019-02-21 10:51:40

Mobile Compute Platform

Mobile Compute Platform - a new processor not designed for smartphones but designed for laptops[....]

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2019-02-06 09:52:05

Hashgraph: The Future of Blockchain?

We have already heard the term blockchain and cryptocurrency which caught up real quick this[....]

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2019-01-28 10:42:05

Lignin Biorefinery: An effective Biomass conversion to Value added Product

Introduction An abundance in lignocellulosic biomass globally can emerge as an important solution for ever[....]

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2019-01-21 09:36:06

Empowering Future with Wireless Charging

An imagination, Is wireless power transfer possible? Is now not an imagination. In the present[....]

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2019-01-11 08:12:39

Automatic Mobile Display Backlight Control Techniques

Latest computing devices like smart-phones, tablets, notebooks, etc. require proper management of display backlighting to[....]

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