Case Study: Optimized Client’s IP Capitalization with Quick IP Assessment for Volumous pending patent applications

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Recently TT Consultants was delegated to conduct IP Auditing in bulk for a key player in the semiconductor market, some of the cases were not even published thus contributing to the cruciality and high-end confidentiality of the project. 

TT Consultants has always been awarded with clients trust because of its eager beaver attitude and the client-specific insights provided by the tech experts, commit more bang for the buck.

The Challenge

Clients requirement was to effectuate the project as soon as possible as all the cases were going for PCT application making it a rush on the hour, with such short deadline for bulk projects we at TT Consultants go for an extra mile and carve out a niche intelligence report where we provide our client with insights for each of its patent applications addressing the territories and the domain where the client needs to pick up the steam, an idea of the potential infringers and competitors already existing for the yet to be filed patent applications.

TTC Assessment & Proposed Solution

We conducted an exhaustive analysis with our in-house proprietary intelligence tool XLPAT comprising of EOU hunting modules which get to the brass tacks and hunt down the brands and companies which are dealing with similar kind of technology and exhaustive portfolio analysis for those specific companies is our next step henceforth we leave no stone unturned. 

We also catered to the potential challengers by implementing some tricks of the trade like citation overlapping analysis, prioritization of the applications, insight of the claims and domain, technology assessment, latest trends, product chain of probable competition, tracking announcements and events of active and new players investing or dealing with same technology and also with their Intellectual property documents. 

With all the spadework we are piled up with critical data to assist our client to recognize the worth of the patent applications and the jurisdictions where it can be a fortune, also to abandon or beef up the applications which can potentially be a burden in future.

A Huge Impact

With all the acquired intelligence our client was easily able to apprehend not only the minute but also the influential elements before planning and investing in its future roadmap. 

The client appreciated the creative and the dedicated efforts made by TT Consultants in such a short span of time and is keen to keep up healthy business relations for clinching many deals in the future.

The above case was made successful by applying machine intelligence along with human intelligence. 

Tools like XLPAT which are based on emerging technologies prove to be of great assistance to IP professionals.

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Ashish Sharma

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