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2020-02-05 11:02:27

The 2020s – The Decade of Boutique Law-Firms! ARE THEY READY TO HANDLE THE INEVITABLE?

The 2010s – The decade of ten-millionth US patent! The decade of “Alice Corporation vs[....]

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2018-07-25 08:01:31

Artificial Intelligence in India – Opportunities, Risks, and Future Potential

In a recent interview with Tech Emergence, Co-founder of XLPAT Labs and member of India’s[....]

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2018-07-17 14:34:20

Whether AI can automate the standard workflow of Patent Search and Analytics?

A standard process is followed by experts in different organizations to perform IP searches regularly.[....]

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2018-06-04 07:29:56

Are employer review platforms the ultimate parameter to judge a company?

Gone are the days when job hunting was an easy task, where all we were[....]

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2018-04-27 09:03:10

TT Consultants- XLPAT announce China presence by appointing sales partnership in Guangdong region.

24th April 2018.  Washington USA XLPAT Labs, – Part of TT Group announced its foray, availability,[....]

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2017-12-14 10:21:23

3D Printing Limitations

3D printing(3DP), also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to the process of making or[....]

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