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Patent Invalidation Search

Patent Invalidation Process – Transforming Our Techniques

Patent Invalidation Search is extensive prior art search that involves executing a thorough patent and non-patent literature search. The Invalidation Search is usually conducted to invalidate the claims of the patent, so the whole purpose
Patent Invalidation Search

Patent Invalidity Process – Exploring the Unexplored

Invalidation searches play pivotal role in patent litigation or infringement cases. The aim is to find prior art which examiner has missed during prosecution at can challenge the novelty or obviousness of the patented invention.
ttconsultants_Role of Tools _ Technologies in Patent Grants

Role of Tools & Technologies in Patent Grants

Whether you’re an inventor or an examiner at the patent office, having a little assist to test for novelty doesn’t hurt. As an investor, you can have hundreds of thoughts however not as much resource
Large Patent Portfolios – TT Consultants

Evaluating Large Patent Portfolios – Hybrid Approach

Evaluating huge patent portfolios for infringement and evidence of use (EoU) is a daunting task, being each time and labor-intensive. We have developed a method that simplifies the entire process. Our hybrid method is unfold
Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) in Patent Portfolio - TT CONSULTANTS

Essentiality of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) in Patent Portfolio Assessment

Recently, we were given an opportunity by a client that is a pioneer in its field to evaluate its patent portfolio vis a vis other player in the market. While evaluating a portfolio, the most
3GPP Release 16 _ 17 Insights - TTConsultants

3GPP Release 16 & 17 Insights

Various groups of telecommunication associations, which are also known as Organizational Partners, collaborated to form 3GGP. The main objective of 3GGP was to make a globally applicable 3G mobile phone system specifically based on the Global System for