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2021-10-08 07:56:29

Printing a 3D World

3D printing dates lower back to a technology in which no one could have imagined[....]

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2021-10-01 13:23:12

Evaluating Large Patent Portfolios – TT Consultants’ Hybrid Approach

The COVID19 pandemic continues to be growing havoc around the world with a few countries[....]

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2021-10-01 13:15:41

E-Prison: Digitally Connecting the Prison Premises

Digital transformation and methods have forayed into almost every enterprise section accordingly redefining the traditional[....]

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2021-10-01 13:08:53

Drones As Medical Care (Drones That Will Revolutionise Healthcare)

We are living in a generation of revolution in which many regions are making improvements[....]

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2021-10-01 13:06:05

Autonomous Vehicles (AI & ML in Automobile Industry)

Self-driving automobiles are not simply technology fiction anymore. It’s now no longer something that receives[....]

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2021-10-01 13:02:56

Smart Inhaler Report (Digital Inhaler Care)

A smart inhaler is an inhaler tool with virtual features that has integrated connectivity with[....]

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