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2021-01-21 05:44:01

Navigating Towards an Autonomous Vehicle Future

Driverless cars are doing the rounds in the news. As technology advances, there are chances[....]

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2020-12-22 11:12:00

Eat the Food and Packaging too – Edible Food Packaging

The circular economy Action Plan adopted by the European Commission has spurred corporations to prioritize[....]

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2020-12-11 12:12:22

What, Why and How – Technology & Market of Antiviral Coatings/Additives

As the world grapples with the impact of COVID-19 and with fears of second and[....]

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2020-10-14 09:55:29

Your Standard Essential Patent (SEP) May Lose its Essentiality.

Have you ever wondered how many billions does a Standard Essential Patent (SEP) fetch to[....]

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2020-05-07 09:23:55

Impacts Of COVID-19 On IP Industry & Methods to Spur Innovation During Pandemic

Today, the whole world is suffering from the pandemic and every continent, country, state, province[....]

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2020-05-04 09:47:11

Role Of Intellectual Property Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus is affecting each & every aspect of our daily lives. Apart from the health[....]

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