2014-05-01 10:30:34

Karnataka working on a new intellectual property policy

Karnataka, home to some of the world’s big names in research and innovation, is upping[....]

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2014-05-01 04:55:28

China’s new Trademark Law effective from Today

On August 30, 2013, China’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) promulgated the[....]

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2014-04-30 19:34:24

India not leaving its stance over the alleged lax in its IP, may take this with WTO

The government held a high-level meeting on Monday to discuss apprehensions that the US government[....]

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2014-04-30 09:13:31

Aurobindo Pharma in a fix for Patent Infringement

Once again an Indian pharmaceutical company has been pinned down by US regulators for patent[....]

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2014-04-29 06:24:32

Draft amendments to the Chinese Patent Law

Upcoming amendments to Chinese Patent Law and how they will affect  Ever since China has[....]

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2014-04-28 10:16:34

Origiin offers e-learning certification on IP to offset skill deficits in pharma sector

Origiin, India's leading IP providers, have started some new online courses in IP. As part[....]

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