2021-05-25 09:08:09

Role of Tools & Technologies in Patent Grants

Whether you’re an inventor or an examiner at the patent office, having a little help[....]

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2021-04-23 05:54:37

Combating litigations with a counter-strategy: scouting or mining patents within a portfolio

What is the solution that comes to your mind about a classic old litigation case[....]

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2020-05-28 09:22:30

Creating Value Through Successful HR Business Partnering 

The unpredictable times are notorious to bring an indirect plunge across the industries out of[....]

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2020-05-07 09:23:55

Impacts Of COVID-19 On IP Industry & Methods to Spur Innovation During Pandemic

Today, the whole world is suffering from the pandemic and every continent, country, state, province[....]

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2020-05-04 09:47:11

Role Of Intellectual Property Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus is affecting each & every aspect of our daily lives. Apart from the health[....]

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2020-04-20 10:32:26

Potential COVID-19 drugs and their Patents in major jurisdictions

Coronavirus has now become a pandemic. As per a situation report1 released by WHO on[....]

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