2018-04-24 14:24:00

Artificial Sweeteners : Compositions, Benefits, Side-Effects

IntroductionA constant innovation in the field of artificial sweeteners has triggered a new intellectual property[....]

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2018-02-23 07:07:52

Is Pharmaceutical R&D Proportional To The Profits Earned?/ Pharmaceutical R&D And Profits In Correlation ?

1. Introduction For years pharmaceutical companies have featured in the list of the top profit[....]

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2018-01-22 07:51:19

Can Artificial Intelligence software be patented in India?

Artificial intelligence has disrupted the entire technology ecosystem and has opened avenues which were far[....]

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2017-11-02 12:05:02

Streamlining Prosecution Phase to Obtain a Competitive Edge – Managing Your Portfolio Smartly

Globalization has broken all barriers of dominance and has increased competition to such an extent[....]

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2017-09-11 12:10:36

Chatbot – A Best friend or Enemy ?

Is chatbot technology  a useful servant or a dangerous master? Do they really assist or[....]

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2017-09-07 11:15:15

Are Standard Essential Patents bringing an emergency stop on Innovations?

The recent patent deal between Nokia and Xiaomi - a cross license to each company’s[....]

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