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2018-07-10 07:22:19

Will AI render better prior art for US 10 million as compared to human search?

The establishment of patent office in the US took place in 1790. Since then, USPTO[....]

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2017-06-02 12:52:35

Does Image Based Prior Art Analysis Really Save Time & Efforts?

First, let us take a small trip around prior art searches and the importance of[....]

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2016-12-29 12:46:49

Inventing New Year Celebrations

New year is just on the footsteps and we would like to share a few[....]

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2014-11-18 12:42:03

Patentability Search

Inventors and entrepreneurs who are looking to cut costs frequently want to do their own[....]

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2014-10-30 12:34:31

How to search for patents easily

Patent searches are generally performed to discover whether or not a particular invention is truly[....]

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2014-10-27 13:20:34

Invention Assessment :: Patentability Search

Invention Assessment :: Patentability SearchYou wouldn’t make important decisions like buying a property or investing[....]

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