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Identifying patents of value in a portfolio from a technical, legal and market perspective can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Innovations in AI have automated a major part of the evaluation process.

XLPAT has recently developed an AI based algorithm in Portfolio analysis to prioritize patents based on value. Further, an evidence of use (EoU) module can extract matching products if available on the web.

Recently, we received a challenge from one of our clients. The question, can XLPAT identify assertable patents and infringing products using a specific patent portfolio as a starting point?

Using an existing ‘GE vs ‘Vestas Wind Systems’ lawsuit’ (Vestas used GE’s technology to protect its turbines from dramatic fluctuations in power) we purposely extracted “GE’s Wind turbine technology patent portfolio” and used it to run XLPAT’s automated portfolio analysis. XLPAT applied its AI based proprietary algorithms to suggest potential infringing companies. To our client’s surprise the list also contained Vestas Wind systems.

After selecting Vestas Wind systems as a target company, XLPAT identified patent number US7629705B2 as a likely candidate for infringement. As it turns out, patent number US7629705B2 was one of the top patents in the GE and Vestas litigation.

Further, the EoU module extracted relevant products (V90-3.0, V100-2.0, and V117-3.3) involved in this lawsuit by automatically matching the patent claims with the product information available on competitor’s website.

XLPAT is marketed as a first pass IP search engine incorporating AI. In many cases a first pass is all that it needs, as showcased by the example above.

Co-Author: Stuti Mishra and Nipun Mahajan

Author Name :

Pranav Sharma

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