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What are your roles at Electrolux? How does knowledge share between IP and R&D works?

The IP department keeps R&D department informed of technological advancements, the competitive landscape, and new entrants in the market. With respect to the technological development, it is important to know in which sub-technology areas are patent filings coming up, which are more explored, and which are still in nascent stages.

As Head of Group Patents – Germany at Electrolux, Dr. Christian Mohr lead an agile global self-motivated team of patent attorneys and patent engineers. Working closely with R&D department of Electrolux globally, it is very important for him and his team to track the technological development in terms of patent filing and disseminate the processed information to his R&D colleagues.

How has your collaboration with TT Consultants been?

We have been working with TT Consultants since 2018 and have since then developed good work relations with them. We started small but gradually built a good relationship and business with TT Consultants. We primarily use TT Consultants for patent landscaping activities and mining patent data in a technology area. Together with TT Consultants, we developed the classifying of mined patent data into sub-technology bins. The sub-technology bins may be linked to application areas, sub-components or even our business units. The grouping of patents in bins and visualization of data is helpful in managing, strategizing, and developing both IP and product portfolio.

Why choose TT Consultants?

What comes handy is a dedicated team of individuals from TT Consultants working for Electrolux through the years. The expertise developed by same set of individuals working on repeat landscaping activities help minimize communication problems between team at Electrolux and TT Consultants. They use proprietary AI and ML based platforms to help analyze and visualize the patent data. This certainly provides an edge which is seen in the quality of work and speed of delivery. We have also had the pleasure to get the reports customized according to our preferred templates. The responsiveness professional client engagement is again another factor which helped us stick to them and use their quality service solutions.


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