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TT consultants offer Patent landscape search and White space analysis. Patent landscape analysis provides insight into the innovations that gives a complete overview based on a very unique and valuable perspective on any specific technology and its commercial interests. Patent landscape provides a complete overview of the available opportunities and potential threat. It also helps to decide product/technology strategy at the early stage of development.

Aim & Use

The landscape study aims to deliver a single platform overview of a particular technology in the marketplace, qualitative IP analysis, and innovation trends aiding decision making.  It governs the overall trends as well as risks and opportunities associated with the technology.

The study insights provides pivotal opportunities helpful at various stages from aligning the R&D to new product development with identification of technology gaps in current portfolios.

Technology Landscape

Based upon the patents and technical papers available and access to paid databases for a given area of technology, we provide a comprehensive analysis with graphical visualizations that unveil technology & patenting acitvity and ownerships.

As per our study, for B2B marketers it is equally important to understand the technology landscapes as they input efforts for the competitive landscape.

A technology scanning will help decision makers to identify the grey areas in a portfolio and increase the investments in R&D accordingly to bring shape to the unstructured data.

Discover Your Next Move With TT Consultants Interactive Dynamic Patent Maps. Get a vivid picture of your business & IP portfolio. Get evidence-based growth strategy which will help to gain market hold and a better position in the innovation battle.

Technology is transforming at never ending pace and evolved dramatically in past years. This has revolutionized the conventional way of approach and thinking for intellectual property. On-going advancements in every sector has led companies to compete on every ground either is rapid patent filing or on strategic alliances in the market arena.

We will witness tremendous growth in coming years in every field which covers the whole technology/product lifecycle from conception till its commercialization. Big giants are already scrutinizing various technologies to develop a roadmap for them and be ahead of the curve.

Technology Sector Description
Industry 5.0-Automobile Personalization : human intelligence works with cognitive computing, customers to customise what they want. the freedom of design responsibility back to the human giving, hence delivering high value added job than before
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) It is similar to AI & ML and it is automating jobs such as interpreting applications, processing transactions, dealing with data, and even replying to emails
Wireless charging over the air Over air charging is linked to the concepts of the Internet of Things and True Wireless
Energy storing bricks This involved putting a conducting coating, known as Pedot, onto brick samples, which then seeped through the fired bricks’ porous structure, converting them into “energy storing electrodes
Edge computing It is designed to overcome the problems faced in cloud computing as it is no longer as a way to bypass the latency caused by cloud computing and getting data to a data center for processing
Sweat powered smartwatches Scientists have invented a new type of flexible supercapacitor which stores energy, replacing the electrolytes found in conventional batteries with sweat.
living concrete this building material has structural load-bearing function, is capable of self-healing and is more environmentally friendly than concrete – which is the second most-consumed material on Earth after water
smart needles It is still in the prototype stage, a smart needle has been developed by scientists which could speed up cancer detection and diagnosis times. It uses a technique known as Raman spectroscopy.

Patent Landscape

Patent landscape reports help to forecast the upcoming boom in the industry and are designed to support critical decision making with a data-driven approach. These searches have intrinsic use in the research stage of a product.

Aiding the conventional methodology, we provide reports in a fully searchable repository with a customizable taxonomy assisted with our in-house proprietary platform. The objective is to deliver a quality-oriented approach with detailed and exhaustive insights & recommendations for better future-making decisions.

Basic landscaping seeks to answer practical questions like patenting activities, new entrants as well as competitor analysis to make strategic investments accordingly. We provide the real insights behind those graphs, why was there a rise in patent filing? What are the upcoming strategic alliances? New Licensing activities among companies & universities; portfolio acquisitions

Our deliverables Patent Landscape Report: 

  • Evaluate IP risk
  • Assess an acquisition’s IP value
  • White spaces identification for potential industry disruption
  • Identify acquisition targets
  • Explore opportunities for patent monetization & licensing

Our analysed strategy shows that an innovator puts a lot of efforts into product development. Your competitors are most likely doing the same; like you, they are not sitting idle. It is therefore good to know the exact contours of the Intellectual Property (IP) landscape in your field, includes some common questions:

  • Your competitors and what patent application strategies do they follow?
  • What kinds of technology are they focusing on or indeed moving away from?
  • Are there any gaps in your portfolio or in the market in general for certain technologies?
  • Which competitors are citing your patents?
  • What general innovation trends can be seen and enhanced in the market?
  • Which companies are actively working in a prospective new market?

Our hybrid patent landscape approach is a single key to all your problems. It is a combination of our human expertise and AI-ML technologies for patent landscaping. The XLPAT module Landscaper helps us to start a landscape search and analysis. The subsequent manual search on third party databases makes the search and analysis more accurate and comprehensive. The landscaper tool also acts as a dashboard to visualize the patent data obtained from a landscape search.

We are not limited to visualization of data, companies can upload the data set of their own and play around with it on Graph Wizard to get the actionable business insights.

Our Landscape Report (hybrid) consists of following elements:

  • Understanding & Identification of key takeaways.
  • Key statistics for the top players.
  • Relative market analysis of the top players.
  • Trends in patent filings and grants.
  • Technical focus of patent filings.
  • Evaluating portfolio for the top 10 portfolios.
  • Overall Summary of a recent invention for the top 5 players.
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