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We offer our clients data driven Market research-based solutions for their business world problems and help them align their commercial objectives with the consumer/market requirements.  

Market research is very critical for strategic business growth since it helps you identify and analyse the market needs/opportunities and industry trends. It also helps you devise an effective Go-to-market strategy coupled with competitor analysis to assess infringement risk and ensure opportunities for products by accessing the dynamic market conditions.


We, at TT Consultants, have skilled professionals from a wide variety of technology domains who gather the relevant data and present their analysis and insights in interactive user-friendly desirable formats/dashboards that helps you to make informed business decisions.

Our Market & Business Intelligence Services can be broadly classified as per the types below:


Customized Reports & Consulting:

Based on your specified requirements we offer specialized custom-made market research reports in a wide variety of technology domains such as Life Sciences, Pharma, Chemical, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Energy, Electronics & Communication, IoT, FMCG, and a lot more.

Syndicate Reports & Consulting:

Our team of experts continuously evaluate the market impulse in various domains and keep formulating reports to address several business-related requirements in these technology domains. Our strategy is based not only on creating new content, but also on recreating our existing prefabricated reports to incorporate the dynamic business demands and industry trends on time-to-time basis. 

Technology Intelligence:

TTC is the leading information technology research and IP advisory company. We blend Market/Business insights with IP offerings under the Technology Intelligence umbrella to provide comprehensive Technology Insights that help our clients make informed decisions in the sphere of Technology Transfer, Technology Licensing, Litigation Analysis and Competitor Benchmarking/Analysis and the like.

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