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At TT Consultants, we help clients in preparing Office Action Responses (OAR) and technical instruction letters (with one or more response strategies) for various jurisdictions. 

Drafting Responses to Office Actions enables our clients to overcome the patent examiner’s objections and rejections to the patent application while negotiating claim scope. Our team of Patent Agents and techno-legal experts are well-versed with patent laws and OAR requirements in various jurisdictions and provide strategic amendments and/or arguments.

TTC has expertise in preparing responses to patent office communications such as US Non-Final Office Action, US Final Office Actions, EP search opinions, EP examination reports, JP examination reports, CN examination reports. We further assist our client in preparing claim charts and preparing strategy documents containing multiple strategies to overcome rejections in an Office action. 

Patent Invalidation - TT Consultants
Patent Invalidation - TT Consultants


Includes a first evaluation of the patent claims after the filing of a patent application. In the non-final office action, the patent examiner states his/her opinion on the patentability and patent-eligibility of the claims. After a review of the non-final office action, the applicant has the option of amending the claims, the specification, and the drawings to overcome the examiner’s rejections/objections.


The last set of rejections/objections is issued by the examiner after reviewing the applicant’s response to the non-final office action(s). The final office action may include the same rejections as the non-final office action(s) or may include new rejections.

Additionally, our team has expertise in preparing and filing responses to written opinions received during the PCT Chapter I & II stages. An International Search Report (ISR) along with a Written Opinion is issued under the provisions of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) by an International Search Authority (ISA).


We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • Receive and analyze objections and rejections in the Office Action

  • Analyze patent application and cited prior arts

  • Strategize on how to respond to the rejections (amendments and/or arguments)

  • Discussion with client (Patent Attorneys and/or inventors) regarding the strategies

  • Articulating a detailed response

  • Review by the client and Incorporation of client comments if any

Our Capabilities

30+ Technology and Industry expertise.

Language Capabilities: Handle invention disclosures, search, analysis and reporting in 16+ Languages.

Inhouse Tool XLSCOUT : Explainable AI.

Highly optimized pricing for each budget and requirement.

Patent and Non-Patent Literature from 100+ Countries in multiple technology areas covered via 10+ Specialized Databases.

10+ Experienced Patent Agents and techno-legal experts.

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