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TT Consultants’ Portfolio Commercialization offers a quick analysis of graphs & patent ranking based on future requirements, which can then be leveraged to generate revenue.

Evaluating large patent portfolios for infringement and evidence of use (EoU) is a difficult process that demands a lot of time and effort. We’ve devised a system that streamlines the entire procedure. Our three-phase hybrid technique is as follows:

  • Phase One – Automated ranking & categorization based on the likelihood of infringement.
  • Phase Two – Hybrid approach detailed analysis for EoU on leading databases.
  • Phase Three – Drafting customized claim charts.
Patent Invalidation - TT Consultants


We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • First pass search using our proprietary tool XLPAT- Patdigger.

  • Analyzing the patent bucket whose market and patent value is dynamically low.

  • Broad Range of Approaches to Leveraging Enterprise Patent Portfolios.

  • Impacts on Focused Patent Enforcement Firms.

  • Recent IP/market news of potential areas.

Our Capabilities

Hybrid Approach - Explainable AI - XLSCOUT.

Industry approved Patent Ranking standards.

Database coverage of 100+ countries.

30+ Technology and Industry Expertise.

10+ Experienced Market Research Team.

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