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Key to leveraging inventions to bring value to your business. TTC provides patent portfolio Optimization/ Analysis counseling from invention inception to enforcement of patent rights.

Developing a patent portfolio must include advice from experienced patent attorneys with understanding of your business strategy.

Key to Successful Patent Portfolio Management

The company must have a clear understanding of what they have and it’s worth. Analysing a patent portfolio is very important to identify both the issues and opportunities.

Portfolio suggests many options to a number of questions which the owner must know.

  • What patents can you expand or evolve?
  • What can you cut that is no longer needed?
  • Which patents will become obsolete?
  • What’s of most value?
  • What drives your business and aligns with goals?
  • Monetizing: licensing, sale, and patent litigation
  • Diversifying
  • Maintaining a competitive edge: where is the market headed?
  • Patents for protection versus defensively held patents
  • Patent enforcement and litigation

TTC helps you assist you in making patent filing and maintenance decisions that bring true value to a business.

Our services have also introduced a new online platform for maintaining your portfolio with the latest news alert feature and many other new features on a single platform.

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