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Whether you’re an inventor or an examiner at the patent office, having a little help to check for novelty doesn’t hurt. As an inventor, you may have hundreds of ideas but not as much resource as you need to back them all. As an examiner, there are thousands of applications waiting for your approval to be patents. How much prior art can you comb through alone?

This need for a resource saving tool is real. Inventors recognise it, and so do patent offices around the world.

Patent Offices the world over have begun taking the assistance of AI to help through the patent examination process. Patent examiners at the USPTO take on average about 22.5 hours to go through a patent application. The USPTO is bringing AI into the fold in a big way. The hope is that effective man hours per application is reduced. They are not the first to the AI party though! 

Here’s how Patent Offices around the world have made AI a part of their process.  

Patent OfficeUse of AI
IP Australia Patent Auto Classification (PAC) tool which aims to analyze the contents of patent applications and predict relevant technology groups enabling prioritization and allocation to appropriate patent examiner sections
Canadian Intellectual Property OfficeCommercially available semantic search tools for assistance in prior art searches and citations
European Patent OfficeHave developed business solutions using machine learning and AI for patent classification at various degrees of implementation for patent classification and prior art search
Japan Patent OfficeUsing text data of examined patent documents and the retrieval history of search queries used in the examinations, to suggest keywords and patent classifications that should be included in search queries 
Intellectual Property Office SingaporeExploring the use of NLP powered AI to run prior art searches in the patent examination process 
UK Intellectual Property Office Small scale trials using commercially available patent search tools including Derwent Innovation 
USPTOExperimenting with and developing AI to help in reducing human interference in the patent process. 

Here’s some free resources and tools available for you as an inventor to help with prior art searches and novelty checks. 

Google PatentFamiliar interface, similar to google search
EspacenetEasy to create complex search strings with simple inputs
PQAIAI powered, natural language input with top ten results
Novelty CheckerVisual representation of ideas and suggestions for idea development
PatentscopeAuthentic access to PCT applications
FreepatentsonlineUnique categorisation and listing for patent searches

Some of these tools have become a favorite at patent offices. With you running your ideas through these tools you not only save time and money (read Attorney Fee), but with the patent offices joining the AI bandwagon, they may even tell you how likely you are to get that patent! 

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