Ashish Sharma

Ashish Sharma

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Ashish Sharma


Ashish Sharma is a registered Indian Patent Agent and he has 8.5 years of Patent Research, IP Monetization & Analytics experience. He has prior Industry exposure to Networking Technologies, Network Security, Telecommunication, and Networking Protocols. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication and he has also studied patent law from NALSAR university.

Trained in all aspects of intellectual property, he brings a unique experience of setting IP framework within start-ups, universities, devising and implementing processes to drive quality, creating and nurturing IP portfolios. His strong experience in technology and patent law helps to provide strategic & actionable insights which inculcate aspects of both patent and market information. 

He currently leads the IP Research & Analytics department within TT Consultants and his key competencies include IP analytics, patent ranking, technology scouting, IP monetization, and portfolio management. He manages Prior Art Searches, Infringement Analysis, Licensing Support, Technology Scouting, & Portfolio Analysis. Ashish is well acquainted on the US & European patent laws and has experience of handling 1000+ IP related projects. Ashish has expertise in internet of things, Computer Networks, Networking Devices, Operating Systems, Networking Protocols, Networking Topology, Network Security, Encryption, Virtual Machine, Wireless Charging, Network Performance, Cloud Computing, AI, 3D Printing, Bioprinting, Wi-Fi, Encoding, LTE, Subcarriers, Codebook, Software Patents, Virtual Machines, Cloud Computing, Graphical Processors, Content Sharing, Secure Transmissions, Blockchain, Wearable & Portable Devices, etc.

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