Pratish Bisht

Pratish Bisht

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Pratish Bisht


Pratish Bisht has a rich experience of working with TT Consultants for more than 9 years, with key responsibilities in Landscape analysis, Portfolio management, Technology Scouting, and prior art searches. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Panjab University and heads the Mechanical team. He is well acquainted with US, EP and Indian Patent laws and worked on many litigation cases for the European and US clients. 

While stationed in Taiwan , IAPS (Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy, IAPS; 國立交通大學產業加速器中心) NCTU (National Chiao Tung University) for 3 years, he has worked closely with Taiwanese and Chinese clients to understand the IP requirements, technical details and provided customized solutions. Worked with native searchers and provided native searches tailored to the need of various clients.

Has experience of working closely with international clients on live infringement projects by visiting client’s facilities/workshops, disassembling the product with R&D team and preparing claim charts. He played a major role in the projects conducted to get JETRO (Japanese external trade and Research organization) certification in 2015. 

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