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TT Consultants has recently been rated as the TOP Company in Patent Searches in India, in an evaluation conducted by a sub group of JAPAN EXTERNAL TRADE ORGANIZATION (JETRO).

The report that was published in May 2015 is based upon an open evaluation of about 30 companies wherein they were given a few searches to run. “This is perhaps the only independent and in-depth assessment done so far by and internationally renowned organization” remarks a patent engineer with experience in the domain.The report is titled ‘Evaluation of patent research companies in India’ and is available on the JETRO website.

“Overall, Company A was evaluated the best among all the companies that took part in the patent invalidation searching. Company A exhibited awareness for quality control such as using the right search databases depending on the technological domain for invalidation searching or using check items for search”notes the report.

The report further goes on to say “Company A was assigned multiple items during the current search and overall it was found to be of high level and was evaluated the best among all the participants in specific technical searching. With respect to searching, it used multiple international databases including PAJ for Japanese patent search and the searching formula was a combination of keywords and patent categories so as to make it an exhaustive search. In addition, efforts to make steps for searching visible and give due consideration to the client in terms of analysis of applicants and inventions was found to be paid”

This is an affirmation of our commitment to quality and efforts that go into client satisfaction, hiring, training and databases. We are perhaps the only Indian company with offices in far East with native Chinese, Japanese and an in-house EX-USPTO Examiners.

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