Challenges arising due to diversified penetration of Standard Essential Patent (SEP)


Diversified applicability & benefits of upcoming technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G has impacted various cross-domain industries such as Non-ICT industries including automobile, energy, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, etc..

SEPs are primarily owned by telecom players such as Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, etc. However, implementation of standardised technologies into products manufactured/developed by non-ICT industries require indirect use of SEPs, thereby falling prey to SEP assertions. Recently, a lot of litigation was in the news regarding SEP assertions against automobile players, leading to injunctions.  

Our experts from TTConsultants will present impact of SEP assertions on the automobile industry, and ways to mitigate risk arising from implementing technologies non-core to their business, into products, and thereby facing SEP assertions.

We would showcase a holistic solution utilizing hybrid approach (blend or Human + Machine) how to identify high risk product(s), recognising standards related to said product features, and thereby help in timely in-licensing SEP related to said standard, to avoid any future litigations. 

Our solutions will open up avenues for SEP owners to identify usage of their technologies in non-ICT industries, thereby generating a revenue stream by effectively utilising capacity of their intangible IP assets.

This webinar covered the unique points as mentioned below:

# Emerging Implementation of SEPs in the Cross-Domain industries – Trend Analysis; Emphasis on automobile industry

# Problems in SEP industries: 

>Over-Declaration of SEP Patents by SEP owners 

>Invalid submissions and assertions

# Our hybrid Solution For cross-domain industries as well as SEP owners.

# Standard Module Demonstration – Automated tool For Standard Search Analysis

# Case Studies & Sample Outputs


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