Unlock Hidden IP Assets Using Modernised Human-Machine Environment


IP assets are mostly under-utilized, under-managed, and under-discovered in many organizations but they can serve as a reliable source of revenue generation if looked upon correctly.

Unlocking hidden gems in your IP should be a ubiquitous & iterative business activity, however it can be challenging in absence of a holistic & strategic IP assessment approach. Further, the tools & resources for identifying gold patents against your competitor products are scarce.

TT Consultants has organized this webinar on Oct. 15, 2020, where our experts shared best practices, live case studies, and success stories of companies that are being able to unlock their hidden valuable IP assets, and also identifying what are non-performing assets. We shared a radically new approach of IP Assessment utilizing a Human-Machine environment. The constructive approach is complemented by real-world case studies in order to further investigate. how such an environment generates value in the IP industry.


# Impact of IP on the Company’s value

# Challenges in the identification of Hidden IP Assets

# Existing IP Mining Strategies

# Modernised Human-Machine Environment – New IP Gem Mining Strategy

# PatDigger Demonstration – Automated tool connecting Patents with Products

# A look at how PatDigger enables quick IP Evaluation

# Case Studies – Identifying top patents in Facebook, IBM, Apple, Fitbit, etc.

# What makes PatDigger Different from other similar platforms


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