Will AI render better prior art for US 10 million as compared to human search?

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The establishment of patent office in the US took place in 1790. Since then, USPTO has granted 10 million patents. The increasing pace of innovation is bringing better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. However, it is getting difficult day by day to evaluate whether a technology is novel or similar to the existing technology. Extracting relevant information from billions of documents with Boolean search engines accurately is a challenging task.

The best solution to this problem would be availability of intelligent AI engine to perform context based search to evaluate efficiently. XLPAT which is one such engine where AI can automate the analysis by understanding context of the technology using NLP, IBM Watson and automating evaluation of parameters considered by an expert searcher during manual search such as deep citation analysis, Important assignees/inventors/classification/concepts etc.

Recently, USPTO granted 10 million patent number (US10000000B2 Coherent Ladar Using Intra-pixel Quadrature Detection) to Raytheon. When we applied AI algorithms via XLPAT invalidator Tool on US 10,000,000 B2(Subject patent), the system highlighted some interesting similar patents which were published before.

Top 5 similar patents:






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