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Our objective is to provide our clients with a one-stop solution for all their business and technology research needs. The solutions cover analyzing market potential, competitive landscape, market size and forecast, technology landscape, technology scouting, legal/regulatory ecosystem, among others. 360° Solutions are aimed at enabling businesses to accomplish sustainable growth based on a deep understanding of business environments and the technology landscape simultaneously. 

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Technology Research

Technology Landscape & IP Insights
Literature Review and Product Analysis
White space Analysis
Technology Scouting
Legal/Regulatory Ecosystem Analysis
Competitor Bench marking & Analysis

Engagement Models

Market Research

Industry & Sector Reports
Market Sizing and Forecasting
Competitive Intelligence
Customer profiles
Media monitoring
New Market Entry / Go-to
Market Strategy
Opportunity Assessment

Customized 360° Technology & Market Research Services​

Why Choose TT Consultants

  • Access to a wide range of databases for market research. 
  • Equipped with qualified and experienced technology and business experts. 
  • Combines outside-in and inside-out strategies. 
  • Offers various engagement models and simplifies complex data presentation. 
  • Skilled in handling and interpreting extensive market data. 
  • 17+ years of experience in consulting industries with 100+ client success stories 
  • Utilizes advanced technology for market research. 
  • Adopts leading industry methodologies. 
  • Works closely with clients to align research with business needs. 
  • Tailored research for specific markets and industries. 

Ad Hoc Model

  • Client engages with us on a project-to-project basis.
  • Suitable for one off project requests.

Retainer Model

  • Client signs up for fixed number of hours that can be utilized over a period of one year. 
  • Suitable for clients who have multiple requests but on inconsistent frequency.
  • More economical than Ad hoc model.

Full-time Engagement Model

  • Dedicated team of one or more analysts works as a full-time equivalent employee (FTE) for a period of one year.
  • Suitable for clients with large volumes of work on consistent basis.
  • More economical than Retainer model.

Engagement Models

Ad-hoc Requirements for Early Stage Technology Scans

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Ongoing Review and Market Scans of Key Technologies

Group 377@2x

System Setup

Initial tech setup, criteria, scan scope, keywords, and reporting formats.

Group 378@2x

Proposal And Proof Of Concept

Non-binding proposal with cost options and deliverable examples.

Group 379@2x


Regular quarterly/monthly monitoring and reporting on tech developments.

Group 377@2x

Efficiencies And Periodic Updates

Identifying process gains for customers and refining search algorithm based on new concepts.

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How does technology research, in general, contribute to a comprehensive analysis of market potential for businesses?

Technology research plays a pivotal role by providing a holistic understanding of market potential, facilitating businesses in identifying lucrative opportunities and potential challenges crucial for crafting informed and strategic business approaches. 

In a broader sense, what valuable insights can businesses derive from analyzing the competitive landscape through technology research?

Embracing technology research provides businesses with profound insights into the competitive landscape, offering a nuanced understanding of competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. This broader perspective empowers businesses to strategically position themselves for a competitive advantage. 

Technology research, on a broader scale, empowers businesses to precisely estimate market size and forecast future trends. This expansive insight enables data-driven decision-making, allowing businesses to capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate challenges effectively. 

What specific aspects of the technology landscape does TT Consultants cover in their research services, considering a broader scope?

TT Consultants, in a broader scope, comprehensively cover the technology landscape, including emerging technologies, trends, and innovations. This expansive approach ensures that businesses stay at the forefront of technological advancements and make informed strategic decisions. 

How does technology scouting through research benefit companies in staying ahead of industry innovations?

Technology scouting, within a broader business context, involves the proactive identification of emerging technologies, providing companies with early insights to stay ahead, adapt swiftly, and integrate innovations effectively, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

Certainly, technology research, on a general scale, includes a meticulous analysis of legal and regulatory factors, ensuring that businesses are well-informed and compliant in navigating the intricate legal landscapes, minimizing risks and enhancing operational efficiency. 

Beyond market analysis and technology scouting, what other significant areas does technology research cover in a broader business context?

Technology research extends beyond market analysis and technology scouting to cover vital aspects such as regulatory landscapes, industry trends, and legal considerations. This comprehensive approach provides businesses with a holistic view for more effective and strategic decision-making. 

In a general sense, how can technology research assist businesses in identifying potential disruptors in the market?

Technology research, in a broader sense, helps businesses identify potential disruptors by conducting a thorough analysis of the technology landscape, allowing companies to proactively anticipate and adapt to changes in the market environment. 

TT Consultants, in a broader context, employ advanced methodologies, including data modeling and trend analysis, to forecast technology trends and market dynamics accurately. This commitment to sophisticated analysis ensures businesses receive reliable insights to guide their strategic planning. 

On a general scale, can technology research assist businesses in aligning their strategies with emerging market demands?

Absolutely, technology research, on a general scale, is instrumental in aligning businesses’ strategies with emerging market demands. This alignment ensures that businesses meet customer needs effectively, stay relevant, and thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving market landscape. 


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