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Enabling you to align your R&D strategy for maximum profitability by providing AI-driven insights.

Technology Intelligence

In today’s dynamic business environment critical insights drive tech disruption. Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate with shorter innovation and time-to-market cycles.

At TT Consultants (TTC) we help you find answers to mission-critical R&D problems, navigate curveballs’ through timely and actionable insights, and explore potential growth opportunities in current and adjacent markets.

Why TT Consultants?

At TTC we curate human expertise with advanced AI intelligence to detect early signs of transformative technologies and facilitate custom solutions to existing challenges in the R&D lifecycle from the feasibility stage to product commercialization and beyond. Our expertise in tech enables us to go beyond conventional capabilities.

Manual Expertise

Our analysts hold advanced degrees in their respective fields of study and bring with them a rich experience of working in core technology domains.

In-house implementation of BERT- NLP model

After extensive R&D, we discovered success in problem extraction using the advanced NLP model BERT. Thus at TTC, we leverage this discovery to gain insights around your competitors. Further our fine-tuning pre-trained AI models generate coherent insights on technology and market data.

Global Presence and Internationally acclaimed. 

We have a global footprint with offices and partner networks across the USA, Europe, Taiwan, China, and Japan. We also have access to technology experts worldwide in various focus areas to augment insights from internal teams.

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Technology and Market
Intelligence Solution

Why TT Consultants?

Technology Landscape

Bird’s eye view of technology space & uncover possible growth areas

Investigate new trends and forecasts of emerging technologies in a domain through systematic research and data science. Identifying outliers and tech unicorns that may disrupt the technology status-quo over next 5 years

Reap the benefits of manual expertise + advanced automation

We help clients identify technology clusters and R&D hotspots using advanced NLP models through our in-house tool XLPAT Landscaper. BERT – NLP Models are used for problem extraction in technical documents.

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Technology Watch 

 Dynamic alerts.

We use ML models to track new patent applications. Get insights from our manual team around newly filed patent applications and reposition your future business strategy accordingly.

Latest Tech insights

Get a periodic review of the technology area to gain insights regarding emerging and disruptive technologies, competitor strategies, new market entrants, and their impact on your business.

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Technology Scouting 

Explore Tech use Cases and Evaluate Acquiring Potential

Gain insights on how technology can be exploited to develop new business verticals. Further  gain intelligence around assessment, and validation of possible suppliers or partners for procuring materials, technical know-how, and engaging in beneficial partnerships to accelerate growth

Technology Benchmarking

Understanding the implementation, performance, and cost implications of adopting a new technology versus the existing model.

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Whitespace Analysis

Identify gaps for opportunities 

Through cross-industry innovation get a detailed overview of the technology and market horizon in your field as well as adjacent technology areas to fortify your innovation activity.Identify whitespaces and gaps in the technology complementary to your current core capabilities.

Discover adjacent growth opportunities

Map a new opportunity by evaluating unmet needs in complementary and unexplored markets. Discover novel applications for existing product portfolios by repositioning your core competencies.

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IP intelligence

Licensing and M/A support

Monetize existing IP portfolio through patent-to-product or technology mapping. Get AI-backed support for licensing and M&A decision making. Spot new entrants into the market and redefine your IP strategy accordingly.

Portfolio Optimization

Ascertain patent quality through human expertise + proprietary and intelligent algorithms that combine various data points and patterns to quantitatively rank patents in your portfolio.

Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Watch

Always be in the know of your competitor’s activity and remain a step ahead always as we deep dive to assess their strategies. We utilize and leverage BERT based models to swiftly dig out problems from patent documents of your competitors. Problem extraction can allude to their business strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Maintaining your competitive edge by benchmarking your products and solutions against competitive trends to identify possible gaps. Identify pricing and product specifications in the market to position your solutions.

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Market Assessment and

Evaluate the demand-supply cycle.

Gain insights on market segmentation, size, and potential revenue drivers for your product or technology in a specific market Understand standards and regulations in the global environment that will impact the market and drive growth opportunities Identifying barriers and roadblocks on the way to market penetration.

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