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Freedom To Operate Search

Freedom TO Operate (FTO) search allows an individual or an enterprise for commercialization of a product in a jurisdiction of interest with less associated risks. 

The FTO search can be conducted at any stage before or during the product development and even after getting a patent for the product. 

The FTO search provides information about the blocking patents that helps in the decision making process of the owner, whether to approach for licensing, to redesign the product or to invalidate the blocking patents in a jurisdictions of interest. 

TT Consultants guides you from future infringement and litigation risks by identifying the enforceable and potentially blocking patents/publications in a specific jurisdiction. 

We have extremely qualified experts with wide domain knowledge for the appropriate understanding and identification of the blockers in the domain to ensure utmost quality. 

Besides blockers, we additionally provide insights regarding the dead patents. Further, we have AI and ML powered in-house repository for finding the potential blockers within a short span and with high accuracy.

Challenges Faced While Conducting Freedom To Operate

Non-availability of a single-point search engine for Scouting_

Non-availability of a single-point search engine for the FTO searches​

No integration with recent AL & ML-based analysis technologies_

No integration with recent AL & ML-based analysis technologies​

Difficulties with understanding Native Language Patents

Reliability issues with the machine translated text obtained from the Native Language Patents _

Reliability issues with the machine translated text obtained from the Native Language Patents ​

Accuracy in legal status_

Accuracy in legal status​

Analysing the patent term extension for the dead patents​

Availability of various commercial databases​

Knowledge of using regional databases as well as commercial databases_ - 1

Knowledge of using regional databases as well as commercial databases​

Our Services

Family Analysis ​

Family analysis of the representative infringing patent provides information relating to the claim restrictions of different family members in the same jurisdictions.

Further, the family analysis provides information relating to the wide coverage of the claimed invention across different jurisdictions with its infringement level corresponding to the jurisdictions.​

TT consultants offer a thorough family analysis with the claim comparison chart and expert’s opinion regarding the similarities and differences between the product intended to be launched and the infringing patent.

Claim Chart Mapping​

TT consultants assist clients in preparing a color-coded claim chart / matrix with an expert’s opinion regarding the invention closeness level and the differences.

This describes the current threat level situation in a jurisdiction​

Our domain experts are well versed with the patent laws corresponding to a jurisdiction and experienced in interpreting the claim language.

The in-depth knowledge of our team helps and creates a strong chart/matrix to ascertain the overlap of the features of the product intended for launch with the latest updated claims of the potentially blocking patents.

Dead Patent Analysis​

Legal status plays an important role in FTO search and needs to be checked periodically.

In some instance, the inactive patents may become alive, upon paying the necessary fees or term extension and may become in force patents which may further block the commercialization activity.​

​TT consultants provides an optional insight about the list of inactive patents with their latest legal status to protect clients from future litigations and infringements.


Our Methodology

(Freedom To Operate)

The aim of the Freedom to operate search is to analyze, identify the potentially blocking patent that blocks the commercialization of a product in a jurisdiction. We provide an in-depth clearance search including family analysis approach to identify the threat level to mitigate the risk of infringement.​

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Our Methodology

  • Ability to analyze Patents, Non-Patent Literatures, Market, Business and Commercial Products_

    Understanding the invention description ​

  • Framing the key points based on novel and obvious features​

  • Proprietary Technology Monitoring and alert system fueled by XLSCOUT._

    Defining the search scope limitations regarding the geography coverage, time frame and legal status​

  • Skilled in usage of patents and non patents databases_ (1)

    Devising FTO search strategy to cover the broad aspect of the invention in the claims​

  • Manual grading of the potential blockers by experts based on its threat level​

  • Access to Multiple commercial databases like orbit, Derwent, PatBase, patsnap_

    Claim chart mapping for the potential blockers with the recently updated claims​

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Technical analysis and family analysis of the potential infringing patents​

Why TT Consultants?

Inhouse prepared XLPAT A holistic approach to tackle legal status related issues​

Exhaustive searching to cover the broadly claimed aspect of the invention​

Customizable approach to analyze IP legal information and the market situation

Regional database coverage for native language search ​

Native language capabilities covering 16+ countries including CN, JP, KR​

Access to Multiple commercial databases like orbit, Derwent, PatBase, patsnap​

Color coded Claim Chart Mapping for potential blockers​

Understanding of the country specific patent laws for infringement perspective ​

Family analysis of the infringing patent for threat level identification​

Cross comparison with various Patent databases for the reliability of the machine translated text obtained from native language documents​

Technical guidance from the Doctorate and Post Doc domain experts​

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The Freedom to Operate (FTO) search is to identify the potentially infringing or potentially blocking in force patents in a jurisdiction of interests.


The FTO search prevents an inventor from future litigation and infringement risks after product commercialization.​

The main attributes of the FTO search are the time frame, legal status, the expiration date, and the jurisdiction of interests.​

The cost of performing Freedom to operate (FTO) Patent Search ranges up to $30000, depending upon the complexity nature, geographical coverage, and other parameters. ​

The freedom to patent search is advisable to be performed during the initial stages of product development.

Further, the search can be done after developing the product or even after getting a patent grant.


Generally, the FTO search reports helps in the decision making process to remodel the developed product, patent licensing or buying, filing an invalidity/opposition case against the potential blockers or termination of the idea of commercialization.​

An individual, a SME, an entity that is having an intention for the product commercialization in a specific jurisdiction should conduct freedom to operate search to ensure that their product has not violating any in force patents.​


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