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Looking to launch your product with zero legal worries or infringement hassles? Our team of seasoned experts equipped with advanced AI based platform-XLSCOUT, will track down enforceable patents that could hold you back, while steering you clear of any infringement risks. Whether you’re in the early stages of product development or ready to launch, conduct an FTO patent search with us and enjoy complete peace of mind!

Our Methodology

FTO Search Service

Al Based Proprietary Platform Used in FTO Search


Our proprietary thesaurus that contains 3 billion+ technical words. This technical corpus helps our patent searchers quickly identify synonymous and interoperable words for comprehensive searches.

Why Choose TT Consultants for FTO Search?

  • Hybrid solution with manual team of patent professionals and AI-powered XLSCOUT platform to tackle legal status related issues. 
  • Experienced team of 250+ members with expertise in core domains 
  • Comprehensive analysis of prior art from 15+ databases
  • Native language capabilities in 16+ countries, including CN, JP, KR, with regional database coverage for accurate native language search results 
  • Customized pricing plans for each budget and set of requirements 
  • Analysis and reporting in 10+ languages 
  • Focused analysis on latest claims 
  • Exhaustive search for broad coverage
  • Family analysis to identify threat level of infringing patent 
  • Comparison with patent databases for translation reliability 
  • Color-coded claim chart for potential blockers 
  • PDF report with visual analysis and claim mapping & Excel report with detailed patent mapping and methodology. 
  • Interim results and constant communication enabling control over the search direction. 
  • Non-disclosure agreements signed with clients to protect sensitive information 

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The freedom to operate (FTO) search or patent clearance search is to identify the potentially infringing or potentially blocking in force patents in a jurisdiction of interests.


The FTO search prevents an inventor from future litigation and infringement risks after product commercialization.​

The main attributes of the freedom to operate in patents search are the time frame, legal status, the expiration date, and the jurisdiction of interests.​

The cost of performing freedom to operate (FTO) patent search ranges up to $30000, depending upon the complexity nature, geographical coverage, and other parameters. ​

The FTO in patents is advisable to be performed during the initial stages of product development.

Further, the search can be done after developing the product or even after getting a patent grant.


Generally, the FTO patent search reports help in the decision making process to remodel the developed product, patent licensing or buying, filing an invalidity/opposition case against the potential blockers or termination of the idea of commercialization.

An individual, a SME, an entity that is having an intention for product commercialization in a specific jurisdiction should conduct freedom to operate search to ensure that their product has not violated any in force patents.

The role of a patent search firm in conducting an FTO search is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the relevant patents and other intellectual property rights that may be relevant to the product or service in question. The search firm will review relevant patents, patent applications, and other public records to assess whether there are any potential infringement risks associated with the product or service.

An FTO search report typically includes a comprehensive analysis of relevant patents and other intellectual property rights, including an assessment of potential infringement risks. The report may also include recommendations for mitigating legal risks associated with the product or service in question. Additionally, the report may include information on the patent landscape for the relevant technology area, including any emerging trends or key players in the market.

The consequences of not conducting an FTO search can be significant. If a product or service infringes on an existing patent or other intellectual property right, the owner of that right may be able to seek damages or an injunction to prevent the product or service from being sold or used in the market. This could result in significant legal costs, lost revenue, and damage to the company's reputation. Conducting an FTO search can help to identify potential infringement risks and enable companies to take steps to mitigate those risks before launching a product or service. 

An FTO (Freedom to Operate) search can be conducted for a product or service that has already been launched. The purpose of an FTO search is to assess whether a product or service infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others. Even if a product or service has already been launched, it may still be subject to potential infringement claims, and an FTO search can help identify any such risks. 

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