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Our team of technical experts, equipped with our advanced AI & LLM-based platform—XLSCOUT, specialize in freedom to operate patent search and analysis. They diligently track down enforceable patents that could impede your product’s journey, ensuring a comprehensive freedom to operate. Whether you’re in the ideation phase or ready to hit the market, ourfreedom to operate searchwill give you the peace of mind you need.  

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Our Methodology


Our Methodology

Why Choose TT Consultants for FTO Search/ Patent Clearence Search?
  • Experienced team of 250+ members, comprising Ph.D. holders, Ex-USPTO Examiners, Patent Agents, and Masters degree holders, having expertise in core domains. 
  • Freedom to operate opinion backed by native language capabilities in 16+ countries, including CN, JP, KR, with regional database coverage for accurate native language search results. 
  • Comprehensive patent clearance search across 15+ databases. 
  • Family analysis to identify the threat level of infringing patent. 
  • Interim results and constant communication to guide the right to operate patent search strategy. 
  • Customized pricing plans for each budget and set of requirements. 
  • Non-disclosure agreements signed with clients to protect sensitive information. 

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Analyze Market for Product

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Evaluate Investment in a Market

Consider Product Development Direction

Find Licensing Opportunities

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AI & LLM-assisted Proprietary Platform XLSCOUT complemented with human expertise

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Customized freedom to operate (FTO) patent searches tailored to your business needs

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Best Freedom to operate (FTO) report with actionable insights.

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The freedom to operate (FTO) patent search, also called a patent clearance search, is done to identify the potentially infringing or potentially blocking in force patents in a jurisdiction of interests. 

The FTO patent search prevents an inventor from future litigation and infringement risks after product commercialization.  

The main attributes of the freedom to operate in patents search are the time frame, legal status, the expiration date, and the jurisdiction of interests.​

Why is an FTO search patent crucial for businesses?

An FTO search safeguards businesses against unintentional infringement. By identifying potential patent barriers early on, companies can make informed decisions about product modifications, licensing needs, or strategic shifts. 

How does TT Consultants ensure the accuracy of the freedom to operate opinion?

TT Consultants utilizes advanced AI tools like XLSCOUT and leans on its multi-lingual expertise to ensure an exhaustive and accurate freedom to operate opinion. With native language capabilities for 16+ countries, we can dive deep into international patent databases with precision. 

What differentiates TT Consultants in the domain of FTO search services?

Our approach is holistic. Apart from our deep expertise in the freedom to operate search patent process, our strength lies in our native language capabilities, AI-driven tools, and our commitment to delivering actionable freedom to operate opinion to guide business decisions. 

The cost of performing freedom to operate (FTO) patent search ranges up to $30000, depending upon the complexity nature, geographical coverage, and other parameters. ​

When is the right time to perform patent search fto?​

During the search, any document which is in the public domain, be it a granted patent, a patent application or a non-patent reference existing on or before the present day when the search is conducted that covers the major aspects of the invention according to the client/applicant/inventor requirements is considered as a prior art, also known as background art. The non-patent references include research papers, thesis, standards, white papers, e-mails, conversations, newsletters, products, articles, videos, blogposts, any internet publications, etc.

An individual, an SME, an entity that has an intention for product commercialization in a specific jurisdiction should conduct FTO analysis to ensure that their product has not violated any in-force patents. 

What is the role of a patent search firm in conducting an FTO search?

The role of a patent search firm in conducting an FTO patent search is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the relevant patents and other intellectual property rights that may be relevant to the product or service in question. The search firm will review relevant patents, patent applications, and other public records to assess whether there are any potential infringement risks associated with the product or service. 

What kind of information is included in an FTO search report?

A freedom to operate search report typically includes a comprehensive analysis of relevant patents and other intellectual property rights, including an assessment of potential infringement risks. The report may also include recommendations for mitigating legal risks associated with the product or service in question. Additionally, the report may include information on the patent landscape for the relevant technology area, including any emerging trends or key players in the market. 

What are the consequences of not conducting a freedom to operate analysis?

The consequences of not conducting a freedom to operate analysis can be significant. If a product or service infringes on an existing patent or other intellectual property right, the owner of that right may be able to seek damages or an injunction to prevent the product or service from being sold or used in the market. This could result in significant legal costs, lost revenue, and damage to the company’s reputation. Conducting an freedom to operate analysis can help to identify potential infringement risks and enable companies to take steps to mitigate those risks before launching a product or service. 

Can an FTO search be conducted for a product or service that has already been launched?

An FTO (Freedom to Operate) search can be conducted for a product or service that has already been launched. The purpose of an FTO search is to assess whether a product or service infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others. Even if a product or service has already been launched, it may still be subject to potential infringement claims, and an FTO search can help identify any such risks. 

Can TT Consultants assist in strategizing after conducting a freedom to operate search patent?

Absolutely. Beyond the FTO search, our team offers strategic consultations, guiding clients on risk mitigation, potential licensing opportunities, and navigating the patent landscape effectively based on the search results. 

How does TT Consultants ensure the thoroughness of a "quick FTO search"?

At TT Consultants, we leverage our proprietary AI tools and vast databases to optimize the efficiency of our “quick FTO search”. While rapid, we prioritize accuracy, offering a valuable preliminary look at potential patent barriers. 

How frequently should a business update its FTO analysis?

Updating your FTO analysis periodically is crucial, especially in fast-evolving industries. TT Consultants recommends conducting an FTO review at key development milestones or at least annually to account for new patent filings and changes in the legal landscape. This proactive approach helps maintain your freedom to operate and aligns with evolving market and technology landscapes.

Can FTO searches help in patent licensing negotiations?

Yes, comprehensive FTO searches can significantly aid in patent licensing negotiations. By identifying potential patent infringements and understanding the patent landscape, businesses can enter negotiations informed and prepared. TT Consultants’ detailed FTO reports provide valuable insights, helping clients leverage their position during licensing discussions. 

What impact does an FTO search have on R&D strategies?

FTO searches are instrumental in shaping R&D strategies. By highlighting potential patent infringements early, they allow companies to steer clear of costly legal disputes and refocus their R&D efforts on innovation paths with lower risks. TT Consultants’ FTO services are designed to inform and refine your R&D strategies, ensuring they are both innovative and legally compliant. 

How can TT Consultants help mitigate risks identified in an FTO search?

Upon identifying risks in an FTO search, TT Consultants doesn’t stop at just reporting. We work closely with clients to develop mitigation strategies, whether through design adjustments, seeking licenses, or avoiding certain jurisdictions. Our comprehensive approach ensures that clients are not only informed about potential risks but are also equipped with strategies to address them effectively. 

Does TT Consultants offer global FTO search capabilities?

TT Consultants specializes in conducting global FTO searches, leveraging our multi-lingual expertise and international databases to provide coverage across numerous jurisdictions. Understanding that innovation and markets are global, we ensure that our clients’ FTO analyses reflect the international scope of patents, offering them a panoramic view of their freedom to operate worldwide.

When Do You Need Comprehensive Patent Freedom To Operate Support?

Early Development and Innovation Phases 

  • FTO Analysis to Guide Research: Guide innovation with early FTO analysis to avoid patent infringement.  
  • Identify Patent Thickets: Navigate patent thickets with strategic FTO search insights. 
  • Budget Allocation: Prioritize R&D investments with a clear freedom to operate.

Development and Market Entry 

  • Risk Management: FTO patent search to minimize infringement risk and litigation costs before product launch. 
  • Market Strategy Development: Freedom to operate search for new market entry strategies. 
  • FTO Opinion for Investor Confidence: Freedom to operate opinion to boost investor confidence and reduce investment risks.

Expansion and Scaling 

  • Global Market Analysis: Freedom to operate patent analyses to identify potential patent barriers in new geographical markets. 
  • Portfolio Expansion Support: FTO reporting to support decisions on expanding your patent portfolio. 
  • FTO Search Strategy for Licensing Needs: FTO search strategy to uncover licensing needs, allowing for strategic partnerships. 
  • Scalability Assessment: Assessment of product lines in light of existing patents for long-term profit. 

Ongoing Portfolio Management 

  • Continuous FTO Monitoring: Continuous freedom to operate patent searches for compliance and operational freedom. 
  • Strategic IP Decisions: FTO analysis for patent acquisitions, divestitures, and licensing arrangements. 
  • Defensive and Offensive IP Strategies: FTO patent search and analysis for both defensive and offensive IP strategies. 
Ready to Secure Your Freedom to Operate?

At TT Consultants, we emphasize the importance of Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches as a cornerstone for any entity engaged in the innovation domain. Our FTO search services are meticulously crafted to navigate the complexities of patent landscapes, ensuring that your innovations can be commercialized without infringing on existing intellectual property rights. This strategic foresight into FTO analysis and reporting is pivotal for organizations looking to invest in new products or technologies with confidence. 

TT Consultants boasts over 17 years of experience in delivering freedom to operate (FTO) analysis and guidance, helping clients navigate the patent landscape to launch their innovations without infringement risks. Our seasoned expertise in FTO search and patent freedom to operate ensures that your product development and commercialization journey is backed by a solid foundation of intellectual property understanding and strategic foresight. 

Our FTO services extend well beyond delivering freedom to operate opinions. We engage in deep collaboration with our clients to develop tailored FTO search strategies and workarounds for circumventing any detected patent risks. This comprehensive approach to freedom to operate patent search and analysis is designed to not just identify potential obstacles but to provide actionable insights and strategies for mitigating these risks, ensuring a smoother path to market for your innovations. 

Our freedom to operate search service covers: 

  • Active patents 
  • Pending patent applications that have been published 
  • Lapsed patents (for their potential use in clearing obstacles) 
  • Performance of broad, full-text searches on patent databases in your particular countries of interest 

The core of our FTO prowess lies in our expert patent search team, whose exceptional skills in conducting FTO patent searches and analyses set us apart. Their thorough and meticulous approach to freedom to operate search is critical in identifying patents that may pose risks to your innovation’s commercial success. Our team’s dedication to precision and excellence in fto analysis and reporting ensures that we provide you with the most accurate and insightful FTO opinions. 

Integrating AI-powered tools into our freedom to operate search processes, we enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our FTO reporting and analysis. These advanced technologies allow us to sift through vast datasets more effectively, ensuring that our fto patent search and freedom to operate patent analysis are not only thorough but also time-efficient. This technological edge further refines our ability to offer nuanced and strategic FTO opinions, tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our clients.

Transparency and honesty form the cornerstone of our approach to providing freedom to operate opinions and strategies. At TT Consultants, we are committed to delivering clear and honest guidance on fto freedom to operate, focusing on identifying and navigating potential business and product risks. Our goal is to empower you with comprehensive insights into the FTO landscape,  enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning for your innovations.

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TT Consultants delivers unwatched FTO search services, focusing on strategic solutions and precision.
Our approach, tailored to client-specific needs, ensures relevant and actionable insights, enabling confident innovation advancement.

We blend AI technology with expert analysis for comprehensive searches, including in-force patents and expired once for clearances.
This hybrid strategy provides a detailed patent landscape, supporting informed decision-making.

Our clear strategic FTO opinions set us apart.
We emphasize understandable, actionable guidance, making us the go-to partner for securing your innovation's market path confidently.

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