Life At TT Consultants

Welcome to TT Consultants – where human resources are the lifeblood of our organization. We’re not just a team; we’re a dynamic and closely-knit family. We recognize that a well-equipped team is the driving force behind a thriving organization. 

Yet, it’s not all business here – it’s about empowerment. When our people thrive, our business soars. Enthusiastic minds, sculpting our shared vision, invigorate us. 

Our HR policies mirror this ethos, encouraging both intellect and passion. ‘Work hard, play harder’ isn’t a mere catchphrase, it’s our daily rhythm. We’re ardent supporters of a “performance-oriented culture” that dances in harmony with work life balance. We’re dedicated to an intellectually charged workspace that kindles creativity. 

Incorporating a sense of joy, “fun at work” includes celebrating festivals, sports day events, ethnic day, and more. We ensure comprehensive growth, fostering connections that bind us as a close-knit TTC family.

What Makes Us A Great Place To Work

Health Insurance

We provide health insurance coverage to employees and their family members at a minimum premium amount

Flexible Working Hours

Employees are given the flexibility to work as per their comfort with policies like flexible working hours,work from home etc

Work Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is promoted by organising regular employee engagement activities, social gatherings, adventure trips and sport activities

International Exposure

Employees are provided with opportunities to travel for client visits,conferences etc. to get international exposure

Career Mobility

We provide our employees with cross-functional role opportunities to explore their potential

Women Friendly Policies

A safe and a healthy work environment for women is provided wherein various policies like Cab Facility, Policy for Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Maternity benefits etc are put in place

Employee Development

Internal & External Training modules are designed for constant enhancement of employee skill

Gender Diversity

We have successfully maintained a healthy gender ratio that has helped us in having a wider talent pool,enhancing collaboration and improving staff retention

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