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At TT Consultants, we are committed to helping our clients stay ahead in innovation.


At the heart of modern innovation management lies the art of Patent Portfolio Analysis, and that’s where we, at TT Consultants, excel. By integrating the latest AI and Large Language Model (LLM) technologies with our industry expertise, we offer an array of services tailored for comprehensive portfolio insights. From vigilant Patent Monitoring and efficient Patent Portfolio Commercialization to strategic Management and M&A Due Diligence, we ensure your intellectual assets are not just protected but also optimized for maximum value.

Serving a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to top-tier law firms and innovation hubs, we provide the strategic edge needed to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving IP landscape.

Our Services

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Patentability Search

Combining AI with expert analysis to assess inventions for novelty and inventiveness, enhancing patent application strength. 

Invalidation Search

AI and LLM powered hybrid approach for exhaustive analysis of patent and NPL, identifying prior art that can critically assess the validity of existing patents. 

Infringement Search

Blending AI with professional expertise to spot potential patent infringements and creating supporting claim charts for legal support. 

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

AI-enhanced reviews and expert insights ensure innovations can be launched without infringing existing patents. 

Design Search

AI-driven, expert-guided search identifies relevant design patents, streamlining the innovation process within legal boundaries.


AI-driven hybrid analysis to track the latest developments in technical fields, informing strategic R&D decisions. 

Standard Essential Patents

Combining AI tools with our team’s expertise to identify and manage Standard Essential Patents, preventing violations. 

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Why TT Consultants?

Access to diverse patent and non-patent databases, including Questel Orbit, Thomson Innovation, Espacenet, IEEE, Google Scholar/Patents, and more.

Proficiency in handling invention disclosures, conducting searches, analyzing findings, and reporting in 16+ languages.

In-house AI and LLM Based Proprietary Platform XLSCOUT for problem solving and novel idea evaluation.

Highly optimized pricing for each budget and requirement

30+ technology & industry expertise

Experienced market research team

AI Based Proprietary Platform

Invalidator LLM

Helps you discover relevant prior arts for patent invalidation.

Generate high-quality preliminary patent drafts leveraging LLMs and Generative AI.

Revolutionizing the way you search for patent infringement.

Leverages LLMs/Generative AI to suggest new and innovative ideas.

Quick prior art searches leveraging latest AI technologies.

Keep up with the technology and competitor trends you care about, without being overwhelmed

Discover disruptive technologies and track emerging trends from the dataset of 150 Million+ patents.

Automated competitor intelligence to fuel your strategic decisions.

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How can I determine if my invention is eligible for a patent?

TT Consultants recommends our comprehensive “Patentability Search” service. Our team of seasoned technology consultants and former USPTO examiners conducts an in-depth analysis to assess the eligibility of your invention for a patent.  
This service not only determines the patentability but also provides a nuanced understanding of how your invention differs from existing prior art. It equips you with valuable insights crucial for the patent application process, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your invention’s potential in the intellectual property landscape.

I suspect that another product is using my patented innovation without permission. What service should I choose?

In cases of suspected infringement, our specialized “Infringement Search” service is tailored to address your concerns. Our experienced team, including esteemed European patent attorneys, evaluates whether a product is utilizing your patented innovation without a proper license.  
This service goes beyond identification, providing actionable insights into potential infringement issues. By opting for our Infringement Search, you empower yourself to make informed decisions and take effective measures to protect your intellectual property rights.

To ensure the legal safety of your new product, our “Freedom to Operate (FTO)” analysis is the ideal choice. This service, executed by our seasoned team and backed by over 17 years of experience, assesses the commercial viability of your product.  
It identifies potential risks related to existing patents, enabling you to make informed decisions and navigate the market with confidence. The FTO analysis is a strategic tool for businesses aiming to launch products without encountering legal obstacles.

For staying ahead of emerging trends, our specialized “State-of-the-Art Search” service is designed to meet your needs. Executed by our team of industry experts and former USPTO examiners, this service involves a highly focused search within your specified technical field.  
It provides you with comprehensive information on the latest developments and innovations, ensuring you remain at the forefront of your industry. The State-of-the-Art Search is a strategic investment for businesses committed to innovation and market leadership.

I want to validate the strength of an existing patent. What service should I consider?

To assess the validity of existing patents, our “Invalidation Search” service is a valuable resource. Executed by our specialized team, including esteemed European patent attorneys, this service thoroughly examines patent and non-patent papers.  
It identifies any challenges to the novelty of the invention in question, providing a detailed analysis of the strength and validity of existing patents. The Invalidation Search is an essential step for businesses aiming to understand the competitive landscape and protect their intellectual property interests.

I'm involved in product design. How can I ensure that my designs are unique and innovative?

For individuals and businesses engaged in product design, our “Design Search” service offers a tailored solution. Our team, comprising specialized IP experts, helps you discover essential design classes and creates a strategic search plan within the technical domain.  
This service ensures that your designs are not only unique but also innovative, providing a competitive edge in the market. The Design Search is a valuable tool for businesses committed to creating distinctive and market-leading designs.

I'm unsure which service suits my unique IP challenge. Can TT Consultants provide personalized guidance?

Certainly. We understand that each intellectual property challenge is unique. Our commitment to client satisfaction extends to personalized consultations. Feel free to reach out to our team for a one-on-one discussion. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and challenges.  
We provide tailored guidance on the most appropriate IP service, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with your unique situation and objectives.

Patent Monitoring

Track the technical area of innovators in order to keep a close eye on their actions

Patent Portfolio Commercialization

Quick patent ranking portfolio analysis which can be leveraged to generate revenue

Patent Portfolio Management

Evaluate patent portfolios to identify business opportunities with filings & acquisitions

M&A – Due Diligence

M&A - due diligence ensures successful mergers & acquisitions by assessing intellectual property assets.

Patent Ranking

Patent ranking services provide strategic advantage by evaluating and ranking patents


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