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TT Consultants’ Patent Ranking services deeply drives you to identify the strength and weakness of your portfolio, based on a number of technical, legal, and commercial parameters.

A thorough examination and structuring of your company’s patent portfolio helps in the evaluation of possible business opportunities.

Ranking your patents will have a clear understanding for future growth. TTC specializes in the patent evaluation and strength analysis, which involves categorizing all patents into the core, non-core, and non-aligned patent assets.

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We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • First pass search using our proprietary tool XLPAT- Patdigger

  • Ranking based on comprehensive parameters

  • Ranking against a target potential infringer

  • Evaluating patents in Different patents like Orbit, Thomson Innovation, [email protected], USPTO, Google Patents.

  • Implementing NLP for Ranking based on Standard Essential Patent (SEP) check

  • Assistance in identifying unknown potential infringers

Our Capabilities

Hybrid Approach - Explainable AI - XLSCOUT

Industry approved Patent Ranking standards

30+ Technology and Industry expertise.

Highly optimized pricing for each budget and requirement.

Patent and Non-Patent Literature from 100+ Countries in multiple technology areas covered via 10+ Specialized Databases.

10+ Experienced Market Research team

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