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We provide cutting-edge Hybrid Patent Prosecution & Office Action Response services, aiming to secure patent rights diligently for our clients. Our adept team strategically analyzes patent office objections, constructs a triumphant patent prosecution strategy, and prepares a potent written response to office action, propelling your patent application expediently towards approval.

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Patent Prosecution and office action

Our Methodology

Why Choose TT Consultants For Patent Prosecution Services
  • Frequent team training by US and EP attorneys on IP filings and patent office prosecution services.
  • Quick turnaround times to avoid unnecessary office actions.
  • Quality assurance with multiple-level reviews by patent agents and patent attorneys ensuring stellar patent preparation and prosecution.
  • Expertise in crafting responses to office actions in various jurisdictions – US, Europe, India, Israel, China, Japan, etc.
  • Flexible work model as per client/case requirements.
  • Claim scope amendment keeping in mind monetization and competition.
  • Experienced patent prosecution support team of patent attorneys, patent agents, Ex-USPTO examiners, subject matter experts, and engineers.
  • Expertise in responding to patent office actions in all kinds of domains – software, electronics, communication, mechanical, life sciences, etc.

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Navigate IP Filing and Patent Office Prosecution

Respond to Office Actions 

Overcome Patent Rejections 

Enhance Patent Claims 

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If an office action is issued, does it mean that my invention is not patentable?

No, issuing an office action is a common practice and, in fact, one of the steps of the patent prosecution process of a patent application. A patent office action is issued by any patent office to make sure that a patent is issued for a valid invention. A proper patent prosecution strategy can help guide you through the prosecution of patent application and avoid unnecessary office actions.

Is there a specific format for preparing an office action response, similar to a patent application draft?

There is no specific format to prepare the response. However, it is essential to respond to office actions raised in the office action. Leaving or refusing to provide a response or to comply with the office requirements may result in the issuance of another office action or rejection of the patent application.

Utilizing patent filing and prosecution services can assist you in preparing comprehensive patent office action responses that address all objections effectively.

Can the examiner rely on different documents for non-obviousness/inventiveness rejection?

Yes. An examiner can combine two or more documents while examining the non-obviousness/inventiveness requirement if they think that a skilled person would be able to do so and raise an office action.

The examiner provides reasoning as to why the different documents can be combined. Professional patent prosecution support services can help you understand how to navigate complex rejections and provide IP prosecution support based on various documents, ensuring a strong response.

Can I add my modification in claims to argue objections of office action?

Any new matter cannot be added to the description or claims once the patent application is filed. In some jurisdictions, the examiner may allow the incorporation of features described in the filed specification into the claims. Expert patent drafting & prosecution support services can assist in writing winning office action responses to effectively address objections without introducing new matters.

Can I speak with the examiner to make him understand the invention?

Different jurisdictions have different provisions for speaking with the examiner. For instance, during the prosecution of patent application it is possible to schedule a call with the examiner after the issue of an office action to understand his viewpoint.

During patent office prosecution in India, a hearing provides an opportunity to discuss the invention with the examiner. IP filing and prosecution services can guide you through the process of communicating with examiners and presenting your invention effectively.

Remember that a solid patent prosecution process, supported by patent drafting & prosecution support services and expert guidance, can help you navigate office actions successfully and increase the chances of securing a valuable patent for your invention.

Can a previous patent office action response be used as a reference for responding to new office actions?

While it might be tempting to utilize a previously crafted patent office action response as a template for new issues, it is pivotal to remember that each office action is unique and may address disparate concerns or objections from the USPTO.

Patent prosecution services are integral in crafting bespoke responses that particularly address each distinct objection and align with the US patent prosecution process to ensure that no critical aspects are overlooked.

How can I guarantee that my patent prosecution strategy is aligned with the USPTO expectations?

Ensuring that your patent prosecution strategy is in synergy with the expectations of the USPTO can be complex. Availing of IP prosecution support and considering the nuances of patent preparation and prosecution, it’s crucial to stay abreast with the most recent updates in USPTO guidelines and legislative changes.

Drafting & prosecution support from experienced professionals can provide insightful strategies, ensuring alignment with USPTO expectations while aiding in efficient prosecution of patent application.

What considerations should be made to ensure a robust response to office action in the context of non-obviousness objections?

Constructing an effective response to office action, especially concerning non-obviousness objections, necessitates a deep understanding of both the cited references and the claimed invention.

Strategies may encompass demonstrating a lack of motivation to combine references, indicating distinguished advantageous effects, or highlighting inaccuracies in the examiner’s reasoning. Engaging patent prosecution strategy and services that emphasize writing winning office action responses can significantly augment the persuasiveness of your argumentation.

How can patent prosecution services aid in minimizing the likelihood of future litigations?

Patent prosecution services assist in preemptively mitigating the risk of future litigation by ensuring that the patent application is drafted and prosecuted with a foresight for potential contentions.

This includes a robust patent prosecution strategy that not only focuses on achieving a patent grant but also ensures that the granted patent can withstand future scrutiny and potential challenges. Additionally, a detailed analysis and strategic response to office action during the prosecution can lay a foundation for a robust and unassailable patent, reducing the likelihood of successful future litigations.

How does effective patent preparation and prosecution enhance the value of a patent portfolio in the commercial market?

Solid patent preparation and prosecution can significantly uplift the commercial value of a patent portfolio by ensuring that the patents are not only legally sound but also strategically aligned with business objectives.

This involves a thorough prosecution of patent applications with a keen eye toward potential commercial applications and markets. An adept patent prosecution strategy considers the current technological landscape, future market trends, and potential areas of technological expansion, thereby ensuring that the patents hold tangible and strategic value in real-world applications.

Seeking patent prosecution services and IP prosecution support that harmonizes legal expertise with a strategic business perspective can ensure your patents are commercially pertinent and defendable in litigious scenarios. This amalgamation of strategy and law is fundamental in fortifying a patent portfolio that is both legally robust and commercially valuable.

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