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Patent Monitoring Services

Patent Monitoring allows any interested party to track the extent of R&D being done in a particular technical domain and what type of patents are being filed by any particular assignee/major players working in that technical domain. It is also known as Patent Watch. Unlike most of the other types of patent searching, Patent monitoring is a long-term search that is conducted periodically to discover any new update with respect to the patent applications or patents in a particularly interesting technology or for a particular assignee.  

TT Consultants offer Patent Monitoring/Watch services where we provide periodic updates to our clients according to their requirements. We closely monitor the technology and send weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly reports to spot any potential infringement. We provide updates regarding newly filed/published patent applications, newly granted patents, abandoned/withdrawn patent applications, any revoked patents, etc., during a specific time period. We also identify any new updates during that period about one or more specific assignees, with respect to patent applications or patents, if needed by the client.  

Challenges Faced While Monitoring Patents

Vague and incomplete response that leads to extended examination

Inconsistency in the published data with respect to the patent applications 

Delay in uploading of newly published patents on the databases

As large set of data is to be analysed, so a well-structured approach is needed._

Clubbing newly added results in the previously provided family members

Our Services

Technical Patent Monitoring

In this, we monitor recently filed, published, abandoned, withdrawn, or granted patent applications, or expiration of a patent in the same/similar technical field as of the client’s technology.

Assignee Tracking

We provide update to the client for any recently filed, published, abandoned, withdrawn or grated patent applications, or expiration of a patent of one or more target assignees.

Patent Application Legal Status Monitoring

This service allows a client to have an update about the legal status of patent applications or a patent during a specific period. It allows a patent owner to take appropriate actions with respect to a particular patent application or patent.

Design Patent Monitoring

This service is provided to update the client about any newly granted/published design patent in the similar technical domain along with their legal status.


Our Methodology

Understanding the technology/assignee or both for whom a Patent Monitoring is needed by a client. Identifying different features of the technology and analyzing patents or patent applications at regular time-intervals to update the client at regular time-intervals. Sorting the identified results based on relevancy and providing the results to the client in a detailed report.  

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  • Going through the disclosure clearly to understand the concepts, advantages, and uses of the invention to be searched. Understanding the business needs of the client and categorizing our searches accordingly.

  • Ability to analyze Patents, Non-Patent Literatures, Market, Business and Commercial Products_

    Identifying relevant keywords, classifications, and assignees of interest.

  • Preparing search strategies based on the invention by using keywords, classes, kind codes, and combinations thereof for identifying relevant prior arts.

  • Regional database coverage for native language search _

    Assignee-based search strings to analyse patent applications filed by specific assignees in the technological domain. Technology Categorization is generated and shared with the client for their feedback.

  • Conducting Multi-level quality checks for quality assurance. Follow up with the client regarding any feedback/queries.

  • Quick turnaround times to avoid extensions_

    Performing patent watch periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) as per the client’s requirement. Searching for new publications or applications. Screening and analysis as per taxonomy. Highlighting new updates in the deliverables.

Why TT Consultants?

Quick turn-around time

Access to several paid databases

Monitoring alert facility

Insights on newly added results

Comprehensive search by domain experts.

Presence in the US, Europe, and APAC

Thorough search framework and search strategies

Detailed newly added highlighted coded report

Clients Testimonials

Quality Projects Executed
Years of Experience

Impact Stories

Blogs on Patent Monitoring

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To order any type of search, just share your requirement at [email protected]. One of our business executives will reach out to you.

For patent monitoring search, the standard timeline is 1-1.5 weeks (can be accelerated based on urgent requirements).

The deliverables can be provided as per the client’s instructions and their requirement in Word document/PDF/Excel sheet etc.

TT Consultants offers patent monitoring services such as, “Technical Patent Monitoring,” “Assignee tracking,” “Legal Status Monitoring” & Design Patent Monitoring. 

The Patent Monitoring services can be availed with monthly/3 months/6 months/Yearly updates.

To know more about the cost estimates for different report updates, share your requirement at [email protected]. One of our business executives will reach out to you with different cost options.


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