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Transform Your IP Strategy with Regular IP Updates via Expert Patent Monitoring

At the forefront of industry solutions, we provide leading Patent Monitoring Services. Our comprehensive approach combines AI-powered tools like XLSCOUT and manual expertise to offer advanced patent monitoring solutions. With our service, you can effectively track patent activity, ensuring you stay well-informed about the latest developments in your industry. 

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Patent Monitoring Services

Why Choose TT Consultants For Patent Monitoring Services?

  • Quick turn-around time 
  • Access to several paid databases 
  • Monitoring alert facility 
  • Insights on newly added results 
  • Comprehensive search by domain experts. 
  • Presence in the US, Europe, and APAC 
  • Thorough search framework and search strategies 
  • Detailed newly added highlighted coded report 

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Monitor and stay updated on the latest developments in the patent landscape  

Identify emerging trends and technologies in your industry 

Mitigate infringement risks and protect your intellectual property 

Benefit From TT Consultant’s Patent Monitoring Services

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AI & LLM-powered monitoring tools combined with human expertise

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Continuous patent tracking in your field

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Real-time alerts on new patent filings and applications

Group 377@2x

Comprehensive analysis of competitor patents and technological advancements

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What is patent monitoring? Why do you need it?

Patent monitoring involves the continuous tracking of patent-related activities, such as changes in patent status, new patent applications, and granted patents, to keep clients informed about developments in their industry. 

Patent monitoring services help you stay updated on your competitors’ and industry’s patent activities, enabling you to make informed decisions, identify potential infringement risks, and seize new business opportunities. 

What does the patent monitoring service include?

Our patent monitoring service encompasses patent status monitoring, patent application tracking, and patent watch services. We keep a vigilant eye on changes in patent applications, grants, and legal actions. 

For patent monitoring search, the standard timeline is 1-1.5 weeks (can be accelerated based on urgent requirements).

In which format will the deliverables be provided?

The deliverables can be provided as per the client’s instructions and their requirement in Word document/PDF/Excel sheet etc.

What is xSDI? How does xSDI generate alerts?

xSDI is an AI-powered module designed to enhance patent monitoring. It offers a targeted competitor and technology tracking system that delivers noise-free alerts about relevant patent activities. 

xSDI employs AI algorithms to filter and identify pertinent patent data, eliminating irrelevant noise. It then sends alerts about changes in patent status, new applications, and granted patents related to your specified interests. 

What will be the frequency of report updates in Patent Monitoring?

The Patent Monitoring services can be availed with monthly/3 months/6 months/Yearly updates.

What will be the cost associated with Patent Monitoring Search for 3 monthly updates?

To know more about the cost estimates for different report updates, share your requirement at [email protected]. One of our business executives will reach out to you with different cost options.

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