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Unleash your patent portfolio’s true potential with our Hybrid Solution! Our AI & LMMbased proprietary platform, XLSCOUT, and expert analysts work together to uncover hidden gems, rank your portfolio’s strength, improve your patent portfolio quality, and provide acquisition and competitive IP analysis services. Gain the competitive edge you need and discover what sets us apart.  

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Patent Portfolio Management

Why Choose TT Consultants for Patent Portfolio Management?

  • Automated identification of best patents and potential infringing products. 
  • Utilization of big-data and pre-ingested data sets for accurate product identification. 
  • Prioritization of patents based on XLPAT scores. 
  • Dataset of 103 rejection references, reassignments, litigations, excel sheets, data sheets, ingested data 
  • Combination of manual analysis, machine learning, data automation, and web crawling/alerting to analyse data. 
  • Experienced team skilled in creating detailed claim charts for identified products. 

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Manage and optimize  your Patent Portfolio 

Identify hidden gems in your portfolio 

Evaluate the strength of your patent portfolio   

Monitor competitors’ patent activities 

– Make informed decisions about your patent strategy 

Benefit from TT Consultant’s Patent Portfolio Management Service

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Expert analysis and evaluation of your patent portfolio

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Customized IP portfolio management strategies tailored to your business goals

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Identification of key patents for licensing or acquisition opportunities

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Data-driven insights to make informed decisions about your patent strategy

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What is a patent portfolio?

A patent portfolio is a collection of patents held by a company or an individual that helps the company in effective decision-making regarding commercialization opportunities and prevents companies with identical technology domains from staying in the market. 

What is the need for patent portfolio management?

If managed efficiently, a portfolio assists a company to stay ahead of the competitors and generate greater revenue by analyzing the patents as a set and not on an individual basis. 

How can we increase the strength of the patent portfolio?

The strength of the patent portfolio can be increased by pruning less valuable patents, improving R&D investments through patenting activities, drafting patents in a better way considering the claim scope. 

Are the patent portfolio strategies different for small-scale and large-scale companies?

Yes, the portfolio strategies are different for small-scale and large-scale companies, where large-scale companies generally use offensive strategies and file patent applications for all the related inventions in the technology domain as early as possible and stop the competitors from doing so, whereas small-scale companies follow a path to ensure the quality of the patent, which would further be used for investments and acquisitions. 

What are the key elements of a successful patent portfolio management strategy?

A successful patent portfolio management strategy involves several key elements, such as patent portfolio monitoring, understanding the market, identifying potential infringements, evaluating the strength and value of patents, developing licensing and litigation strategies, and tracking patent portfolios over time. 

What is PatDigger? How does PatDigger assist in managing patent portfolios?

PatDigger is an advanced web-based patent search engine that offers meticulous patent data analysis sourced from various databases. It is designed to assist in comprehensive patent portfolio management. 

PatDigger facilitates patent portfolio management by providing a swift ranking feature for evaluating patent landscapes. This helps identify key patents, potential infringements, and associated entities or individuals related to your patents.

What are the risks associated with not having a patent portfolio management strategy in place?

Without a patent portfolio management strategy, businesses risk losing their competitive edge, missing out on licensing and revenue opportunities, and leaving their intellectual property vulnerable to infringement. 

How often should I review and update my patent portfolio management strategy?

Patent portfolio management is an ongoing process that requires regular monitoring and updating. The frequency of review depends on the size and complexity of your patent portfolio, but it is generally recommended to review your portfolio at least once a year to ensure it aligns with your business objectives and industry trends. 

Yes, proper patent portfolio management can help you identify and eliminate unnecessary patents, reduce maintenance fees, and avoid legal disputes, which can result in significant cost savings over time. 

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