Consumer Products Industry


Consumer Products Industry

The consumer products industry is an ever-evolving landscape of goods and services essential to everyday life. From laundry detergent and food to clothing and electronics, consumer products are products that are designed and produced with the primary purpose of satisfying the needs and wants of individuals. With over 10,000 companies in the United States alone and more than a trillion dollars in global sales annually, the consumer products industry is an immense global marketplace. The consumer products industry is constantly adapting to changing consumer tastes and technological advances, which can create opportunities for businesses to develop and innovate.

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  • IP Solutions
  • Technology Intelligence
  • Business Research
  • IP Services
  • Patent Portfolio Analysis
  • Drafting and Prosecution Support

Patentability Search

Combining AI with expert analysis to assess inventions for novelty and inventiveness, enhancing patent application strength. 

Invalidation Search

AI and LLM powered hybrid approach for exhaustive analysis of patent and NPL, identifying prior art that can critically assess the validity of existing patents. 

Infringement Search

Blending AI with professional expertise to spot potential patent infringements and creating supporting claim charts for legal support. 

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

AI-enhanced reviews and expert insights ensure innovations can be launched without infringing existing patents. 

Design Search

AI-driven, expert-guided search identifies relevant design patents, streamlining the innovation process within legal boundaries.


AI-driven hybrid analysis to track the latest developments in technical fields, informing strategic R&D decisions. 

Standard Essential Patents

Combining AI tools with our team’s expertise to identify and manage Standard Essential Patents, preventing violations. 

Patent Monitoring

Monitoring patent advancements, innovator actions, and filing trends using a combination of AI and expert analysis to keep you informed and ahead in your industry. 

Patent Portfolio Commercialization

AI assisted hybrid analysis of patent portfolio for identifying licensing and commercialization opportunities. 

Patent Portfolio Management

Leveraging AI alongside human expertise for efficient management and strategic optimization of patent portfolios, identifying opportunities for filings and acquisitions. 

M&A – Due Diligence

Integrating AI with expert analysis for thorough IP asset evaluation during mergers and acquisitions. 

Patent Ranking

AI and expert-driven assessment to strategically rank patents for decision-making and competitive analysis. 

Patent Drafting & Illustrations

Patent drafting and illustrations led by experienced patent professionals, enhanced by AI & LLMs for a robust patent application draft. 

Patent Prosecution & Office Action Response

AI-supported strategies and expert guidance to skillfully navigate patent prosecution processes and effectively respond to office actions. 

Landscape Analysis

Comprehensive patent landscape mapping using AI, combined with professional analysis, to understand and uncover key technology trends. 

Technology Scouting

AI-driven scouting, supported by expert insights, identifies leading technologies and partnership opportunities. 

Competitor Benchmarking

Using AI-based advanced analytics and expert insights to benchmark competitors, keeping you aligned with current competitive trends. 

Whitespace Analysis

AI and expert-driven forecasting of technology trends, identifying innovation gaps and patentable ideas. 

Technology Tracking

AI-assisted monitoring and analysis of technology trends for strategic business insights. 

Market Research Solutions

Tailored market research solutions with cutting-edge trend analysis of emerging technologies, driving informed business decisions.

360° Technology & Market Solutions

Comprehensive insights into business environments and the technology landscape, enhancing strategic planning. 


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