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Design patent search includes the search for design patents that cover the appearance, aesthetic, ornamental, and non-functional features of a product that has practical usage. Design patents filed in US jurisdiction before May 13, 2015, will have 14 years of validity from their filing date, and patents filed on or after May 13, 2015, will have 15 years of validity from the date of grant.  

In most cases, design patents may have only one claim. Some areas which can come under the design patents are toys, games, furniture, hardware, tools, jewelry, automobiles, packaging, communication equipment, fonts, computer icons such as emojis, beverage containers, and more. TT Consultants offers a design search that enables you to identify potential prior arts. TT Consultants have extremely qualified engineers who are experts in conducting a design patent search by using relevant keywords, design classifications, kind codes, and all the strategies which are essential to execute such high-worth matters using multiple design patent search databases. 

Challenges Faced While Conducting Design Patent Search

Lack of availability of technology monitoring and alerting system _

Visual presentation quality of the published designs.

No integration with recent AL & ML-based analysis technologies_

Frequent server errors of design patent search databases. 

Availability of keywords is less. 

Difficulty to check the designs published in some jurisdictions like AR, BR, MX, IN, CO, etc.

Limited search capabilities of the SSO search portals (limited search fields)тАЛ

Inability to apply different filters in regional design patent search databases. 

Difficulty to identify designs of the products that are not specifically defined under Locarno Classifications, National Classes, etc. 

SEP declaration databases are not maintained to provide an accurate landscape of verified SEPs!тАЛ

Inconsistency among the dates of the designs among different jurisdictions, particularly priority dates, publication dates, registration dates, filing dates, etc.

Our Services

Design patent prior art search

The search involves finding design prior arts which are similar to the design to be filed by applicant/inventor. It helps them to understand the extent of novelty of their design and various types of similar designs already present in the public domain.

Design invalidity search

TTC provides, “Design Patent Invalidity Search” in which a design patent number search is performed on the design patent number provided by the client which he/she wants to invalidate and accordingly invalidity search is performed by taking into consideration the cutoff date of the provided design patent. The prior arts predating the subject design patent are provided for the client reference. This search will help the client during prosecution/infringement cases. 

Design Patent FTO (freedom to operate) or clearance search

TTC offers design FTO search wherein a team of expert searchers use various search strategies to unearth active as well as inactive design patents as per the required jurisdiction. This search helps to launch any product with unique design elements in a particular jurisdiction and to check whether the product is not infringing other active designs in the particular jurisdictions.

Design Patent infringement search

We help our clients to identify potential infringers and products that violate their design patent. Our expert searchers combine multiple strategies to carry out focus search for design patents to identify the infringing product. 

Accelerated examination search

TTC offers Accelerated Examination Search in which to accelerate the procedure of getting a design patent, a quick design patent prior art search and analysis is done of the filed design by using a set of relevant design classes. 


Our Methodology

(Design Search)

Identifying different features of a subject design and finding designs similar to the subject design by analyzing various Design Patent Search Databases. Sorting the identified designs based on relevancy and providing the designs to the client in a detailed report.  

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Our Methodology

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Going through various view of the design disclosed in the disclosure identifying the design elements precisely of interest.

  • Identifying relevant keywords, design classes, Locarno classes, inventors and assignees.

  • Forming various search queries using keywords, design classes, Locarno classes, assignees and combination thereof for identifying relevant design patent prior art.

  • Providing detailed report for relevant results identified.

  • Conducting multi-level quality checks for quality assurance

Why TT Consultants?

Detailed colour coded report

Quick turn-around time

Access to several paid design patent search databases

In-house technical corpus

Thorough search framework and search strategies

Presence in US, Europe and APAC

Clients Testimonials

Quality Projects Executed
Years of Experience

Impact Stories


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To order any type of search, just share your requirement at [email protected] One of our business executives will reach out to you.

For design patent prior art search, the standard timeline is 4-5 days (can be accelerated based on urgent requirements).

The deliverables can be provided as per the client’s instructions and their requirement in word document/PDF/excel sheet etc.

In US, design patents that were filed before May 13, 2015, will have 14 years of validity from their filing date, and design patents filed on or after May 13, 2015, will have 15 years of validity from the date of grant.

No, these cannot be considered as articles for designs. The design registration can be used only for the aesthetics and unique ornamental design on the article.

In US design patent, solid lines usually stand for the part for which the design is claimed.

The design patents are classified under the Locarno Classification system.


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