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TT Consultants, combining the proficiency of seasoned patent professionals with cutting-edge AI & LLM enabled tools, offers our design patent search service – a meticulously crafted solution addressing all your innovation necessities related to design patents. We strive for precision, ensuring design patent status clarity and delivering actionable results. 

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Our Methodology

Design Patent Search

Our Methodology

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  • Experienced team of Ph.D. holders, Indian Patent Agents, and Master’s degree holders from reputed universities with expertise in the core domain 
  • Detailed color-coded report 
  • Access to several paid design patent search databases and tools for design patent lookup. 
  • Presence in US, Europe, and APAC

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Conduct a comprehensive design patent search 

Identify potential design patent infringements 

Strengthen design patent application status

–  Assess design patentability 

Conduct a comprehensive design patent search 

Identify potential design patent infringements 

Strengthen design patent application status

Assess design patentability 

Benefit From TT Consultants’ Design Patent Search Services

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AI & LLM enabled Proprietary Platform XLSCOUT complemented with human expertise

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Hybrid design patent searches tailored to your business needs

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Prompt design patent number identification and potential infringement alerts.

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Critical business insights

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To order any type of search, checking design patent status, invalidating a design patent or identifying infringers for your design patent, just share your requirement at [email protected]. One of our business executives will reach out to you. 

What is the standard timeline for conducting design prior art searches?

For design patent prior art searches, the standard timeline is 4-5 days (can be accelerated based on urgent requirements).

In which format will the deliverables be provided?

The deliverables can be provided as per the client’s instructions and their requirement in word document/PDF/excel sheet etc.

What is the term of design patent in US?

In the US, design patents filed before May 13, 2015, are valid for 14 years from their filing date. In contrast, those filed on or after May 13, 2015, have a design patent timeline of 15 years from the date of grant. 

Can stamps, labels, tokens, cards be considered an article for the purpose of registration of design?

No, they’re not eligible for design registration. Design patents only cover unique ornamental designs on a physical article. 

What is the significance of solid lines in the figures of US design patent?

In US design patents, solid lines typically represent the claimed design aspect. 

In which classification system, the design patents are classified?

Design patents are organized under the Locarno Classification system. If you wish to patent your design or check the design patent application status, understanding this classification can be beneficial. 

What are the criteria for a registered community design?

To register a community design, you must consider three elements: design criteria, novelty and individual character, and graphic representation.

The design criteria include protecting the look of a product and ensuring that it meets public policy and morality standards. The novelty and individual character of the design must be demonstrated by showing that it differs from any previous designs, and graphical representation is essential to display all the features of the design accurately. The quality of the graphical representation is crucial for design protection, and it must allow for reduction or enlargement to a size of no greater than 8 cm by 16 cm.

A design patent search primarily focuses on an invention’s appearance, involving design patent lookups and aesthetic comparisons. In contrast, a utility patent search delves into functionality, investigating specific features. 

How do I search US design patents specifically?

To search US design patents or perform a design registration number search, reach out to our team at TT Consultants. Our extensive design patent database ensures accurate and comprehensive results for patent and design inquiries. 

How can I use TT Consultants for a patent design search?

At TT Consultants, we offer a comprehensive patent design search as part of our design patent services. Whether you want to search for design patents or require a specific design patent number search, our platform can assist. Our design patent service is tailored to provide you with the most accurate results. 

Can I check the status of my design patent application?

Yes, with our design patent status check, you can easily monitor the progress of your application. Simply provide your design patent number or relevant details, and our design patent check tool will provide you with real-time updates. 

How can I search for specific design patents in your database?

To search design patents, use our advanced search design patent tool available on our website. It’s part of our comprehensive design patents search service, which allows you to look up specifics, be it a registered design number search or a broad category inquiry. 

What's the difference between patenting a design and a utility patent?

When you patent a design, you’re protecting the visual, ornamental aspects of an article. It’s different from a utility patent, which covers functional attributes. At TT Consultants, we can guide you on both patenting a design and securing utility patents. 

Can I verify if a design is already patented or registered?

Absolutely! With our registered design search and check design patent tools, you can determine if a particular design is already patented or registered. Before proceeding with patent for design, it’s always advisable to perform a thorough check. 

I have an innovative design concept. Can TT Consultants help in patenting it?

Certainly! Our design patent services are specifically designed to assist innovators like you. Once you decide to patent on design, our team will guide you through the process, ensuring your innovation gets the protection it deserves. 

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