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At the forefront of our industry, we provide leading patent whitespace analysis and technology forecasting services. Our unique approach blends patent expertise with cutting-edge AI & LLM-driven XLSCOUT, enabling us to offer prompt and precise insights into unexplored domains. We identify whitespace prospects, white space opportunities, and potential technology trends, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

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  • Experienced team of 250+ members, comprising Ph.D. holders, Ex-USPTO Examiners, Patent Agents, and Masters’ degree holders, having expertise in core domains.     
  • Providing techno-commercial analysis 
  • Ability to analyze patents, non-patent literatures, market status, business status, and commercial products 
  • Exposing competitors’ activity and interest in the voided area 

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What is a patent whitespace analysis?​

Whitespace analysis, also known as white space analysis or patent white space analysis, is an essential process for identifying and exploring white space opportunities and white space technology gaps within a specific industry or domain. This comprehensive analysis aims to uncover areas with limited or no patenting activity, making it a valuable tool for businesses planning expansion and innovation. By leveraging patent white space analysis, organizations can predict risks, minimize investment losses, and seize untapped white space business opportunities. 

Why is whitespace analysis necessary?

Entities with plans for expansion often request whitespace and landscape analysis to gain a thorough understanding of technology gaps, competitor activities, and the opportunities and threats associated with the white space opportunity. This analysis plays a pivotal role in informed decision-making for new ventures, ensuring businesses stay competitive and agile in the rapidly evolving landscape. 

What is the cost of whitespace analysis?

The cost of performing whitespace analysis varies, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the nature of requirements and the depth of the white space analysis needed. We offer customizable white space analysis reports tailored to the unique needs of each client. 

What Tools are Available for Whitespace Analysis?

At TT Consultants, we offer a suite of powerful tools designed to enhance your whitespace analysis experience and provide comprehensive insights into technology trends and inventive ideas. Here are two key tools we leverage: 

  • Techscaper: Our Techscaper tool is equipped with an extensive database containing over 150 million patents and 220 million research publications. It excels at providing swift, comprehensive insights into prevailing technology trends. With a forward-looking perspective through a technology-focused lens, Techscaper empowers our whitespace analysis to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. 
  • Ideacue: Ideacue is our proprietary tool that harnesses advanced generative AI/GPT technology to facilitate the discovery of novel and inventive ideas. By leveraging this tool, our users can efficiently identify new embodiments and improvements, streamlining the process of filing continuation and continuation-in-part applications. Ideacue adds a unique dimension to our whitespace analysis, enabling us to uncover inventive opportunities that may otherwise remain hidden. 

How is whitespace analysis conducted?

TT Consultants utilizes its in-house repository to access IP details, conduct white space mapping, and identify technology gaps, challenges, company information, key players, and competitor activities, ensuring a comprehensive whitespace analysis. 

What does the whitespace & technology forecast analysis service include?

Our whitespace & technology forecast analysis service includes a comprehensive analysis of your industry and market, as well as a deep dive into emerging technologies and trends. We will provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to help you stay ahead of your competitors and position yourself for long-term success. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that our analysis is tailored to your specific business needs, leveraging white space opportunities effectively. 

What kind of data sources are used for the analysis?

We use a variety of data sources for the analysis, including market research reports, industry publications, online databases, and interviews with industry experts. We ensure that the data we use is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date, supporting white space analytics effectively. 

What additional support do we provide after the analysis is completed?

We provide various ongoing support services to help you stay ahead of the curve and implement the recommendations from the analysis effectively. Our offerings include market research, competitive intelligence, strategic consulting, and white space solutions, all aimed at helping you achieve your white space business goals. 

How do we ensure the analysis is tailored to your business needs?

We collaborate closely with you to understand your white space business goals, challenges, and opportunities fully. This information guides us in tailoring the analysis to your specific needs and requirements. Our team of experts has extensive experience in a range of industries and can provide customized solutions that meet your unique white space technology needs effectively. 

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