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A patentability search is directed to searching any reference of any kind which discloses the same.

Patentability searches are conducted when an inventor has an novel invention which he is interested in filing a patent, and wishes to determine if anyone has previously invented anything similar or identical.

In this search we cover both Patent Citations/Non-Patent Citations with different approaches and understanding.

Novelty searches generally have no date constraints on the prior art. In other words, if you find prior art that reads on the invention, it does not matter whether the prior art is from yesterday or 100 years ago – it is relevant. The reason for this lack of date constraints has to do with patent law: Anything that has already been disclosed to the public, in any manner, at any time, cannot be patented.

The basic requirements for an invention to be Patented :

  • Novelty
  • Inventiveness
  • Industrial applicability

Also before filing a patent application we follow the US patent law under section 101, 102, 103 and 112.

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