Intellectual Property Industry


Intellectual Property Industry

Intellectual Property (IP) is an intangible asset, such as a design, idea, or trademark that gives the creator exclusive rights to its use for a limited period that may be sold, licensed, or inherited.
IP is divided into two categories: industrial property, which includes patents, trademarks, and industrial designs; and copyright, which protects literary, artistic, and musical works, as well as films, performances, and broadcasts.
IP is protected by a system of laws, which vary from country to country. In general, however, the owner of IP has the right to sue anyone who uses it without permission.
Several organizations work to promote and protect IP, such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Trademark Association (INTA).

Our Services

  • IP Solutions
  • Technology Intelligence
  • Business Research
  • IP Services
  • Patent Portfolio Analysis
  • Drafting and Prosecution Support

Patentability Search

Determine how patentable the invention is & what all areas vary from prior art invention

Invalidation Search

Determine any patent/non-patent papers that challenge novelty of the invention in question

Infringement Search

Evaluate whether a product is using your patented innovation without a license.

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Recognize whether your new product is commercially ‘safe’ to create or sell

Design Search

Discover the essential design classes to create a search strategy within technical domain


Highly focused search in a specified technical field to gather & spot emerging trends

Standard Essential Patents

Utilize industry-standard core technology and patents to assure product compatibility

Patent Monitoring

Track the technical area of innovators in order to keep a close eye on their actions

Patent Portfolio Commercialization

Quick patent ranking portfolio analysis which can be leveraged to generate revenue

Patent Portfolio Management

Evaluate patent portfolios to identify business opportunities with filings & acquisitions

M&A – Due Diligence

Ensure successful mergers & acquisitions by assessing intellectual property assets

Patent Ranking

Patent ranking services provide strategic advantage by evaluating and ranking patents

Patent Drafting & Illustrations

Gain a thorough understanding of the technical domain & draft a comprehensive claim sets

Patent Prosecution & Office Action Response

Negotiate the claim scope of a patent application while overcoming patent examiner objections

Landscape Analysis

Discover technical trends through patent mapping for better technology interpretation

Technology Scouting

Utilize an innovative business scouting strategy to identify top partners & technologies

Competitor Benchmarking

Maintains your competitive edge by benchmarking your products against competitive trends

Whitespace Analysis

Analyze technological gaps in the competitive landscapes of existing industries

Technology Tracking

Keep an eye on the technology trends, emerging technologies  & turn them into opportunities

Market Research Solutions

Access customized market research solutions, cutting-edge trend analysis of emerging technologies

360° Technology & Market Solutions

Turn on sustainable growth with thorough insights of business environments & technology landscape


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